The Netsmart Bunch

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If you would have asked me in the beginning, what I expected to gain from this internship, I would have retorted with the typical, boss-pleasing response involving one of the following: to gain insight to corporate life, or to expand my knowledge within my chosen career path, or even better yet, to align my wants with the company’s needs so that we may function as a cohesive unit, constantly working toward a common solution or goal that benefits both parties. Just imagine the look on that executive’s face after piping off with that last little beauty. Continue reading The Netsmart Bunch

FUTURES Executive Roundtable

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The FUTURES had an opportunity to ask questions, learn from, and interact with the executives today. Tom Herzog, Ian Chuang, Doug Abel, Carol Reynolds, Tony Ritz, Denny Morrison, Jim Gargiulo, Tim Donovan, Mike Valentine, and Paul Anderson gathered in the synergy room and discussed their vision for Netsmart, their views on the changing healthcare ecosystem, and their thoughts on how Netsmart FUTURES fit into the growth of healthcare. Continue reading FUTURES Executive Roundtable



This is round two for me here at Netsmart as a FUTURE. This summer I came in with two projects that need to be completed. The first project which has now been completed was to help another associate put together a “play book” of sorts that our new 24/7 NOC (Netsmart Operations Center) will use as a sort of how to guide for the Netsmart way. My other project is to help with SSL certificates. Getting to spend a significant portion of my time working with clients and other associates is probably my favorite thing to be able to do. Getting to directly affect our clients and help them be able to use our products to help people is a pretty good feeling! Continue reading BACK TO THE CLOUD II

Lunch-n-Learn – The way to every FUTURE’S heart!

On Thursday the FUTURES got the chance to have a Lunch-n-Learn with Carol Reynolds, Senior Vice President of Client Experience. During our hour together, the FUTURES enjoyed Chipotle while Carol explained the many aspects of the client experience. After listening to Carol, we were able to understand how Client Alignment focuses on providing Netsmart clients with the best experience possible. Carol started off by explaining her background and some history of Netsmart. Continue reading Lunch-n-Learn – The way to every FUTURE’S heart!

T-Bones Right Field Party Deck, Netsmart Style


The Netsmart office bustled with a burst of activity: laptop hoods were closed, binders and supplies were packed away, and FUTURES quickly took turns changing into shorts and sneakers; 5 o’clock had come, and with it Netsmart’s visit to Community America Ballpark to attend the Kansas City T-Bones game. Smiles flashed across the faces of my fellow FUTURES and I as we jumped out of our cars, tickets in hand, and headed into the stadium. Continue reading T-Bones Right Field Party Deck, Netsmart Style

FUTURES Consulting Training


The end of consulting training has come, and all of us consultants could not be more ready to start putting our training to use! For the past four weeks, we have undergone a complete transformation from eager new hires to knowledge-filled associates. The first week included everyone—both TIER and Avatar— learning the basics of a project life cycle. This consisted of understanding the Netsmart methodology all the way to team building exercises via planning for a party. This week really planted the idea that this whole thing is a team effort. Sure, we can all know each system inside and out, but if we don’t work together nothing can be accomplished. The values and goals of Netsmart were communicated to us this week. One thing I really took away from these was to always remember how the finished product will help people. It can be easy to get caught up in day to day duties and forget what we are really working for. Continue reading FUTURES Consulting Training

Man Plans, God Laughs … Enjoy the Ride

Man Plans, God Laughs … Enjoy the Ride
By Dennis Morrison, PhD

When I ask people if they could have predicted five years ago that they would be doing their current job, the majority say they could not. This was not always the case. There was a time when the most secure jobs were factory jobs, especially jobs in auto manufacturing. The people who entered that field – mostly men — could work for 30 years at a decent wage, with benefit, and receive a rich retirement package. Continue reading Man Plans, God Laughs … Enjoy the Ride