The Netsmart Bunch

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If you would have asked me in the beginning, what I expected to gain from this internship, I would have retorted with the typical, boss-pleasing response involving one of the following: to gain insight to corporate life, or to expand my knowledge within my chosen career path, or even better yet, to align my wants with the company’s needs so that we may function as a cohesive unit, constantly working toward a common solution or goal that benefits both parties. Just imagine the look on that executive’s face after piping off with that last little beauty.

As FUTURES, we have accomplished all of that, and so much more. Each one of us has worked tirelessly this summer to dazzle our superiors, putting in vast amounts of hard work and taking out twice as much in knowledge gained. We are thankful to Netsmart not only for the opportunities they have provided us, but also for their part in bringing together 25 outstanding individuals from across the country.

In the first few weeks of being at Netsmart, the newly acquainted FUTURES were assigned the task of producing an original music video for the FUTURES strut- an event held the last week of the internship program that would showcase each person’s contribution to the company while providing an opportunity to practice presentation skills. The music video would serve as the centerpiece for the program, highlighting the internship experience as a whole.

With only a limited amount of time and resources, everyone set out immediately to brainstorm ideas for what was soon to be, the best FUTURES production to date. There was certainly no lack of creativity; ideas ranged from TV themes like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to more modern songs like the Iggy Azalea hit, Fancy. As ideas for the video began to develop and take shape, so did a strong sense of camaraderie among the FUTURES. From dinners to game nights to a trip to Worlds of Fun, it was evident that we were all developing a close-knit bond with each other. Through all of this, we finally came to an agreement on our music video’s theme. It was no surprise that we decided to base it off of the 1970’s sitcom revolving around one large, blended family-The Brady Bunch.

Now that this 10 week-long internship is coming to an end, I find myself re-evaluating what I have gained from this program. Unsurprisingly, the knowledge and workplace experience that Netsmart has instilled in me are mighty powerful tools that I will have for the rest of my career, but what I wasn’t expecting were the 24 new friends I gained along the way.

That’s the way we became the Netsmart Bunch.

Austin H. – Cloud Systems Engineer

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