Making EveryDayMatter at the Arlington Pet Expo


I have had my greyhounds now for 3 years.  I found out soon after adopting my first greyhound that the whole greyhound community of volunteers comes with.  I volunteer regularly and have done a variety of tasks and attended several events over the last 3 years.

This year for my EveryDayMatters day I volunteered to bring an adoptable dog to the Arlington Pet Expo.  It is an all-breed event with rescue groups, breeders, vendors, entertainment and anything and everything else you could think of.

I have attend many events with my own dogs, and I could have just brought mine, but this time I volunteered to bring an adoptable dog to the event.  To do that I would have to go to one of the kennels, either in downtown Chicago or near the Wisconsin border and pick up a dog in the morning and bring the dog back after my shift.


Unfortunately, this year there was an outbreak of canine influenza in the Chicago area and Greyhounds Only along with many other participants in the Expo didn’t allow any of their dogs to attend.  We still had the booth to run and everyone that stopped by was hoping to see the dogs.  This event is always a great opportunity to get the adoptable dogs out and  we were all very disappointed not to have a chance to show the dogs that are ready to be adopted.

The event was successful anyway because this group has so many dedicated and creative volunteers that love the dogs, a few of them came up with a display that seemed to work very well.  Even without the dogs it’s always fun to talk to people about the breed and adoption process and answer questions.  People that have greyhounds love to stop by and share stories about their dogs.  I think the question that is asked the most is don’t they need a lot of exercise?  There are exceptions, but they do not need a lot of exercise.  They run fast for short distances, but then are perfectly happy and comfortable laying on the couch.

For additional information on pet adoptions via Greyhounds Only visit —>

Debbie A, TIER Delivery Consultant

**Netsmart provides associates with an opportunity to spend a day volunteering with a 501c3 charitable organization of the associates choice. Associates can volunteer on thier own or grab a group of Netsmarties to join in giving back to our local communities. #payitforward #edm

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