Week 6: A Pretty Big Deal – Anna Scheuler


It’s been a quick five weeks at Netsmart and week six was no different! The Engineering department had an early 4th of July cookout the Thursday before the holiday. Even though the weather was bad, the burgers and hot dogs were great.

The Engineering Futures had their first deadline for our project and were able to successfully present their services to our mentors. This means that we can make calls to their database and get results (which is a pretty big deal). For the remaining weeks, we will be working on the user interface for the project and refining features of it. On OrderConnect, I have spent the summer converting the way reports are generated to make them quicker and more efficient. It might not sound like the most exciting thing, but it will be a big help to some of OC’s bigger clients. AND my changes should be in production within the month! Other things that happened this week include an all-Futures Top Golf outing with their mentors. It was a ton of fun and you didn’t even have to be good at golf! The event was made more thrilling because three tornadoes touched down in the area and the whole facility was ushered into stairwells and closets. Additionally, there have been quite a few birthdays for the Futures, so this week everyone was invited to a group dinner for Taco Tuesday. Overall, it has been a wonderful experience where I have learned new skills and made new friends. I’m eager for the remaining four weeks of this adventure!

– Anna Scheuler

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