Week 8: Netsmart Women’s Leadership Tea


As a woman, I am thankful to live in a day and age where my career options are less limited than they were for my mother and grandmother. I am able to aspire for both professional success and personal fulfillment; opportunities not afforded to generations of women before me.  However, in light of the modest progress of recent years, few women reach executive rank in corporate America. I am proud to say, however, that Netsmart is not a company where this persists. With inspiring women dispersed throughout the company’s ranks, Netsmart is a place that provides equal opportunity to anyone willing to work for it. Motivated by this, I organized the first Women’s Leadership Tea to bring new and experienced female associates together for discussion on leadership and how to achieve one’s ambitions in the industry.

At the tea, there were three tables set up in the café, with a senior associate sitting at each to lead discussion. Each of these associates, including Samara Nash, Amy Bradshaw, and Sun Jang, was selected based on their contributions to Netsmart and their positive influence on those they work with. Futures and newly hired associates were randomly seated at a table, and given fifteen minutes to speak with the associate there before rotating to the next table.

By discussing real world issues for women, Samara, Amy, and Sun were able to inspire personal growth for those that attended. They presented varying perspectives and strategies for development, and gave participants the chance to learn from their years of experience. As I listened myself, I was reminded of the underlying support system that exists here at Netsmart. It is this community that makes Netsmart so special, and in my opinion, it is one of the greatest places to be.

-Sarah Sauer

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