The Traveling Gnomes

Our EveryDayMatters Gnomes recently made a trip from Kansas City (where they were busy raising funds for EveryDayMatters  via the “Give A Gnome a Home” fundraiser), to our Long Island, New York office.  Once they made it to Long Island they connected with April, one of our awesome, QA Architects…and she was kind enough to take them on a New England adventure.

Day 1: The gnomes are having a wonderful vacation in NH. Tomorrow they will be going to Maine, so expect more fun pictures. For now, they are going to get some sleep, as little guys, they need a lot of rest.


Day 2:  Today the boys visited LL Bean in Freeport, Maine. They are so vain they insisted on having their picture taken on the tip of the giant LL Bean boot. After that, they spent a wonderful day with old friends in Maine. Tomorrow it may rain, so not sure what they will do, but I am sure a picture will be taken.


Day 3: We started the day with a delicious breakfast. Turns out that April can cook too, so we are happy we brought her along.


We travelled to the Flume Gorge, climbing to the top of the gorge where waterfalls were beautiful. It was hot and humid, but so worth the climb.


Then on to a quick lunch at a restaurant where the owner saw us and insisted we have our pictures taken with April and the restaurant menu. Norman and I think that the lady was just trying for some free advertising, but we went along with her, she was very sweet.


After lunch, we drove (well, Gene drove, but we told him how to get to where we were going) to Wildcat Mountain and took the gondola ride to the top. Beautiful from up there, and we so enjoyed the ride. It was the perfect way to end a fun day in NH. We also stopped at an overlook of Mt. Washington, we hope to go up there one day, but not this trip.


Along the way, people were asking us who we are and smiled to find out that we a just travelling gnomes.


More to come tomorrow, but off to sleep tonight.

Day 4: We had a great day; took a boat tour of Lake Winnipesaukee. Our captain allowed us to sit up front, so we had the best view of everything. Everyone has been so nice to us, always asking where we are from and why are we here in NH.


Tomorrow we will journey home, but we will always remember our Great North Adventure.


We will all be back in the NY office on Thursday.

Best to all,

Norman and Norbert

And a special thank you to April Walker, QA Architect with Netsmart…our Chauffer, Photographer and Ghostwriter.

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