Travel Tips: Eating Healthy On the Road

General Nutritional Guidelines


40% of your calories should come from carbohydrates
40% of your calories should come from protein
20% of your calories should come from fat
Protein = 4 calories/g
Carbs = 4 calories/g
Fats = 9 calories/g

  • You will want to calculate what your daily caloric intake should be for your fitness goals (maintaining your weight, losing weight etc.)
  • You can use the SuperTracker on to help you figure out your caloric intake needs, as well as apps such as MyFitnessPal.
  • MyFitnessPal will also allow you to track your food intake and will let you know how much of each macronutrient you need to eat per day.
  • Have smaller meals throughout the day to boost your metabolism and avoid spikes in insulin that will cause you to get tired.

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Travel Tips: Helpful Apps to Download


An easy way to view your itineraries, and book travel when not at your computer. View your expense reports and submit on the go! Also allows for an easy way to track personal car miles.



Syncs with Concur, and allows you to take pictures of your receipts as you go, and will auto fill most of the information for you in your expense reports.

Packing Pro
A way to organize packing lists and copy previous lists. Has defaults and preset organized lists, and allows for customization.
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Last Minute Travel Tips

Last-minute business travel is costly, but what a difference one day can make in managing those costs.

On average, booking air travel seven or fewer days before a trip will cost on average 44% more than if it had been booked 15 days or more in advance. However, business travelers can cut this figure in half if they book just eight days in advance or more, resulting in fares that are just 22% more than booking 15 days in advance. Continue reading Last Minute Travel Tips

Travel Tips: 7 Essential Travel Hacks

maxresdefault.jpgCancel For Free
This is a no-brainer, but it’s something that many travelers don’t think to do. If you missed the cancellation window for your hotel, restaurant, or car booking but can still change the reservation date free of charge, move your reservation back by several weeks or months. Then call back to cancel with a different representative. Sneaky? Sure. But it works, and you’ll never get stuck with a lousy cancellation fee again.

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#NatCon16 – Informed and Inspired

The National Council Conference or #NatCon16 offered a unique experience for each attendee.   There was much to see, learn and so many knowledgeable and talented people to meet.

Sunday morning in Las Vegas at Caesar’s Palace, where to go first?  The Netsmart booth of course! It was all hands on deck, our Leadership, Marketing, IT, Client Org, Support, Engineering, RCM, and Consulting teams were busy making sure our booth was going to be ready to go for clients and partners (and prepping us with a booth training session).

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Go-Live Success

9863_10153603837151026_3468263867036492432_n**GO-Live! Netsmart and The Jewish Board team

I am humbled to have the pleasure to post this picture. Today marks the initial Go-Live for The Jewish Board in New York City. They are New York City’s largest provider of Health and Human Services. This project began on July 6th, 2015 and 8 months later we are going live. The project team that has worked on this project have been absolutely flawless in their efforts and have worked extremely hard.
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