Netsmart FUTURES- Week Three

Week three of the FUTURES program is wrapping up! We can’t believe how much the FUTURES have already accomplished and can’t wait to see where the next seven weeks take them. This week, Tyler, Hannah and Josh describe their experiences at Netsmart so far.

 Tyler Michels: Cloud Systems Engineer FUTURE

The first two weeks here at Netsmart have been absolutely amazing! I have learned more during these two weeks than I’ve ever learned before, and I couldn’t be happier. For the first time in a while, I am working in a place where I’m surrounded by great people who love their job and are very eager to help. Every interaction that I have had, has been nothing but positive, and I go home from work every day happy.

Since my first day of the FUTURES program a few weeks back, I have met so many people and attended so many different social events, all filled with great people and great food.  I can already say for sure, it’s not going to be easy to leave and go back to school.

Hannah Protzman: Delivery Analyst FUTURE

It’s my third week as a FUTURE at Netsmart, and I feel like I’ve been here for years. I say that because everyone treats me with great respect, and I am very comfortable with my peers and associates. I’ve heard a lot about other internship programs, but none of what I’ve heard compares to Netsmart’s FUTURES program. In three weeks, I’ve learned and done more than I would’ve thought possible for such a short period of time.

As a Delivery Analyst FUTURE, I’ve been training for the past three weeks on how to use the program myAvatar. So far, I’ve learned all about Plexus Methodology, ADT, Modeling, Crystal Reports, and Billing. These terms were completely foreign to me before, but now, I am an almost-expert on them. This week, we’ve been focusing heavily on billing. Each week, we take a Capstone (a test) to review what we’ve learned and to make sure we are keeping up with the training.

It’s not just work for the Delivery Analyst FUTURES. We often lunch together and gather after to work to hang out. This week, we enjoyed two lunches as a team. I am thankful to have already met so many new people and made so many new friends. My time is flying by here at Netsmart, and I am enjoying every minute of it!

Josh Reed: Software Engineer FUTURE

Busy, busy, busy! As a returning FUTURE, I thought I had an idea of what I was getting myself into. However, this summer has proven to be faster-paced and more diverse than the last. On-boarding happened in a flash and I was already working on an important issue that my team has never had to do before. Once that was done, there was another project ready and waiting for me to take on. In addition to the projects for my team, the FUTURES project has started gaining some momentum giving me even more to do!

I have been amazed at the amount I have been able to do in these few weeks and can’t wait to see what I can do with the remaining seven. This summer has shown me just how fast Netsmart changes and evolves.

Netsmart FUTURES- Week Two

The first two weeks with our FUTURES have flown by! This week, Nathan, Michael and Jack reflect on their second week at Netsmart.

Nathan Bailey: Cloud Systems Engineer FUTURE

Week two feels like the true beginning. The reason I say this is because this is the week that people start to feel comfortable around each other and when training became more of a guided hands-on experience than a lecture. I am part of the CloudSystems Engineering team and I particularly work in the Netsmart Operations Center. My job mainly consists of answering the tickets clients and associates send in that have to do with hosting services. So far, the tickets I have been assigned to are ones granting access to certain systems, like checkpoint VPN.

Since we are in week two, I thought I’d discuss my experience transitioning from Ohio to Overland Park. Ohio and Kansas aren’t very different but they do have some interesting contrasts. To start off with, the obvious one is that you guys are on Central time and we are on Eastern, so I get an extra hour of sleep, which is awesome (until I go back and lose an hour but we’ll just keep that out of sight, out of mind for now). I found out that “chicken fried chicken” is not the same thing as “fried chicken” and that you guys have more traffic than I have ever seen in person, but those are just some of the little things. Now I could continue to list things off and give my commentary but I thought that it would be more interesting to talk about the Royals because I just went to my first game.

Now I’m gonna start off and say that the Royals stadium is extremely nice. I was amazed with the how big the screen was when I saw it up close. It was clearly readable from where I sat in the student section which made the experience nicer. Not only was the screen visible but the seats were a good view for 10 dollars, which is one thing I wasn’t expecting. Overall, it was a really good time spent with my fellow FUTURES (about 10 of us went). Although, it is unfortunate in my current environment to be an Indians fan, I have never been to a Cleveland sporting game when they win. So I unintentionally gave the Royals that slight upper hand last night, but I’m not gonna ask for a thank you for that win.

Royals Game
After work, a group of FUTURES attend a Kansas City Royals game on Wednesday, June 15.

Michael Johnson: Delivery Analyst FUTURE

My first two weeks as a Delivery Analyst FUTURE have made me feel many different ways. I have felt excited from meeting some amazing people and learning about different software, to pretty stressed because of a Capstone I was about to take on! But not to worry, the experience so far has been very fun and engaging.

Coming into this internship, I can honestly say I didn’t have the clearest idea of what I would be doing. I knew Netsmart was in the medical IT solutions industry. I knew that this internship would be great experience for my Information Systems/Business Administration degree I will be receiving. However, I did not know exactly what my role would entail. I did not know if the training would be overly rigorous or not. I did not know if I would dread coming to work every day because of my coworkers or instructors. But, in order to get where you want to go in life, you have to be willing to take on different experiences, even if those experiences seem frightening.

So, with that said, I can gladly say that I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of my Netsmart experience so far! The training, although challenging, has been very rewarding and I’ve enjoyed everything I have learned so far. All my coworkers and instructors are amazing people and make coming into work every day so enjoyable. If such a positive experience can come from the first two weeks of all-day training, I cannot wait to see what lies ahead in the next eight weeks!

Our Engineering FUTURES spend the afternoon downtown at Breakout KC, working as a team to escape.

Jack Moore: Software Engineer FUTURE

 It hasn’t even been two weeks in, and the engineering FUTURES have already hit full stride. Many of us have already submitted our first assignments to review. It won’t be long until the our work goes to production, if it isn’t there already. In addition to the work we’ve already completed, we’ve also been busy with a number of great events.

Last week, we traveled downtown and spent an afternoon in downtown Kansas City eating pizza at Il Lazzarone, and trying to escape from Breakout KC (which we all failed at). The Great River FUTURES had a great time as well, being their first time in Kansas City. Unfortunately, they can’t spend all summer in Overland Park, and had to return to Long Island. They’re a great group and we look forward to meeting up with them again soon.


Netsmart FUTURES- Week One

We kicked off our FUTURES program this week, welcoming  31 new FUTURES. Throughout the week, our FUTURES met with their new departments and mentors for training. They also attended a number of events including a pool party, a kick-off party in our EDM Park, and the Netsmart 3.0 celebration.

Here, three FUTURES, Jake, Morgan, and Taylor, reflect on their first week as a FUTURE.

Junior Graphic Designer, Laura Schoonover, and Marketing FUTURE, Taylor Smith, enjoy our FUTURES Kick-off Party at Netsmart’s EDM Park on Monday, June 6th.

Jake Lamb: Software Engineer FUTURE

Wow what a first week! We honestly can’t believe we fit it all inside of 40 hours. On the engineering side the FUTURES have been getting acclimated to their environments, navigating secret rooms at Breakout KC, and slowly learning the quirks of their mentors and managers. The beginning of the week was spent on having all the engineering FUTURES getting to know one another and learning how to become more team-oriented.

Grace Aguilarleon and Brett Merriam have taken the reins as the mentors for the engineering FUTURES this year, and they have done an excellent job so far. They took us out to lunch on Tuesday and followed it up by locking us in rooms at Breakout KC. The exercise was a great way to further our team building and cooperation skills with one another. This will come in handy for sure as the summer goes on. We can’t wait to see what lies ahead (hopefully it doesn’t involved being locked in more rooms).

Our 31 new FUTURES attend their first day of training on Monday, June 6th.


Morgan Pehlman: Delivery Analyst FUTURE

Week one was here and gone, time FLEW by! With moving in and getting to know each other, attending the FUTURES kickoff party, Town Hall, and the 3.0 celebration (with amazing BBQ) we all have had a great start to our time at Netsmart.

During the first week at Netsmart, I have been in Avatar training as a part of the Consulting team. We have been learning a lot about Avatar and how to build forms as well as the billing side of the program. The 8 consulting FUTURES have gotten to be really close by helping each other fix problems in Avatar and clarifying questions.

I am personally looking forward to continuing my learning with Avatar and to practice building the different forms. It is also awesome working with the other FUTURES because we relay information between each other to pick up and learn new things.

I am also looking forward to getting to know the other FUTURES better. We have already had the FUTURES kickoff party at the pool allowing us to get to know each other better but we have taken it into our own hands to go out to eat, go to the pool and just hangout!

FUTURES and their mentors play corn hole games during our FUTURES Kick-off Party at Netsmart’s EDM Park on Monday, June 6th.

Taylor Smith: Marketing FUTURE

The first week of the FUTURES program is almost complete and it has definitely been a lot of fun! However, I started my internship at the beginning of May. During the month of May, I did the branding for the FUTURES program which included various items such as the t-shirt, posters, table tents, etc. Other design projects I worked on during May included a mock-up for the new EveryDayMatters site, icons, social media cover images, and a couple of ads.

The entire marketing team has been awesome in helping me get connected and guiding me with incorporating the Netsmart brand into various design projects. I’m looking forward to working with everyone to keep driving the brand forward.

Since the FUTURES program started this past Monday, I have gotten to meet a lot of the other FUTURES and hear about their roles within their respective teams. The FUTURES kick-off party was a success with all of the FUTURES and their mentors, good food, and games.