#FUTURES17 – Week 8 – Supporting Change with Netsmart

Every day, new breakthroughs in technology occur, and it can be tough for healthcare providers to stay up-to-date with modern systems and solutions. Netsmart helps healthcare providers by developing innovative solutions that are HIPAA certified and compliant. The solutions that we offer provide great value to our clients and partners and we are excited to work with them as they embark on journeys of embracing new solutions and products. Implementing this technology can be challenging in the short-term because you are changing the way you access information. But in the long-term, the benefits far outweigh any bumps along the way.

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#FUTURES17 – WEEK 7 – Behind the Scenes

#FUTRES17 – Week 7 – Behind the Scenes

At Netsmart, we are proud to create technology that helps improves the daily operations across the healthcare spectrum. We put our heart and soul into creating solutions that improve the lives of individuals everywhere. Our family of talented individuals work hard day in and day out to help make it all happen. It truly takes a team effort and our associates are the best!

Software Engineering FUTURE Hannah Protzman, Cloud Systems Engineer FUTURE Tyler Michels, Internal IT FUTURE Dalton Bush and Consulting FUTURE Graham Wood reveal a glimpse of what life is like behind the scenes at Netsmart!

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#FUTURES17 – WEEK 6 – Women in Healthcare

Woman are increasingly making waves in fields once dominated by men, such as healthcare. In a world where healthcare is ever-changing, there are those that rise above and beyond to evolve and create new solutions for the industry. These women are upholding the backbone of healthcare. They are working tirelessly to revolutionize and transform the field to improve the lives of individuals everywhere.

Join Engineering FUTURES Diamond McNeill, Morgan Kuerschner and, Julia Drahozal along with Consulting FUTURE Hannah Valentine as they highlight a few women of influence in healthcare and impact they are making on the industry.

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#FUTURES17 – Week 5 – Great River FUTURES

Netsmart boasts multiple locations across the U.S. where many of our dedicated associates call home. One of those locations is in Great River, New York, where some of our FUTURES have been stationed for the last few weeks. Join Engineering FUTURES Colin Williamson, Rishab Chhabra, Lisa Guo and Skyler Tangney-Centor as they give us a taste of what it’s been like for them as an East Coast FUTURE.

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#FUTURES17 – WEEK 4 – Men’s Health Month

At Netsmart, one of our fundamental principles is being “Cause Connected.” We truly believe in dedicating ourselves and resources to bring awareness to and open up conversations about important topics that affect the communities we serve.

June was Men’s Health Month, which is intended to bring awareness to important topics affecting men’s health issues and healthy living. This week, Engineering FUTURE Jordan Erisman, Consulting FUTURES Andrew Young and Peter Scalia share important information and reflections about the month.

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