Agile, Real-time Feedback – The Netsmart Way!

Gone are the days of waiting nearly a full year to review and track your progress. At Netsmart, we’re taking a whole new approach when it comes to managing associate performance.

“Wait, what, really?” Yes! We are driving a real-time, agile, development-focused coaching and feedback-rich approach. As a company, we moved from the traditional annual review process to deliberate, meaningful conversation starters driven through one on one meetings and quarterly check-ins between leaders and associates.

In 2017, we rolled out our new strategy and implemented a tool to support it. Since beginning to use the tool, associates have been able to regularly receive recognition and feedback when the opportunity arises, instead of having to wait until formal review periods. Our goal is to promote and foster an environment where associates and their managers engage in candid dialogue on a more frequent basis, track progress and drive results. Communication and collaboration across our teams is vital to our success.

“As a leader, it’s important we recognize and inspire the associates on our teams and across the Netsmart organization,” said Senior Manager Marilyn Macaluso. “It is key to our success to empower and ensure associates feel valued and know how their work impacts the business. It all starts with communication and collaboration to get a team on the same page, aligned to the same goals and objectives.”

So, how’s it working so far? Associates and their managers are finding a lot of value in being able to provide and receive feedback in real-time.

“Using the feedback tool is great,” said Technical Operations Strategist Tom Evans. “It’s simple and easily accessible, making it easy to maximize your daily workflow. It enables immediate thanks and recognition to others; offers a place for capturing immediate notes with your manager; not to mention the quarterly check-in process is a breath of fresh air that enables all associates to become more connected with managers.”

Access to an open communication process has enabled a culture of continuous feedback that allows associates to aim for their best each and every day. With the ability to get regular feedback, it allows associates to truly take control and own their accomplishments in their daily activities.

“At Netsmart, I think we are ahead of the curve in our new model for managing performance,” said Macaluso. “The tool is a great mechanism to recognize key individuals, provide feedback and growth opportunities. As associates work to develop, increase performance and grow in their career, I find that our new check-in tool and process drives us to achieve more for those we work with.”

As we continue to create a culture of open, constructive communication and collaboration, associates are benefitting from it in ways beyond their daily tasks.

“One thing I did not expect is how this type of feedback and recognition expanded my company knowledge about our organization, teams, cross-functional work, and most importantly, learning about how each associate at Netsmart is impacting lives through our day to day work,” said Evans. “It’s a great way to see how we all are working hard each and every day to help bring the best to our clients across healthcare communities.”

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