Who’s Graduating at Netsmart?

While we spared them from parading around in a cap and grown, we still recognized the 2018 SOAR and inSPIRE participants on their recent graduation. The programs provide year-round support and resources to current and emerging Netsmart leaders. Grounded in the five LeadSmart Expectations, both programs aim to expand each participant’s leadership skills and potential. To ensure we continue to increase innovation, productivity and incorporate the Netsmart mission, it’s vital we invest in our leadership. Continue reading to learn more about the SOAR and inSPIRE programs.

Associates who are recognized as emerging leaders are nominated to join the inSPIRE program. The goal of the program is to equip individuals with a strong leadership foundation prior to stepping into a director level role. Participants work to hone strategic thinking, networking and communication skills as they engage in interactive learning and leading opportunities.

The inSPIRE class unites associates from across the organization, which broadens participants internal network and exposure to different Netsmart operations. At the end of the program, participants present initiatives they believe will improve Netsmart workflows, practices and deliverables. This is a unique opportunity for their voices to be heard as they challenge our context.

The SOAR program supports current Netsmart directors and vice presidents. Leadership resources are provided to them to utilize in their own self-study. The material focuses on leadership skills, the healthcare industry and business acumen. To provide personalized guidance, each participant is matched with a performance coach they meet with monthly. This grants participants the opportunity to reflect on their performance, set goals and seek advice from a professional who is fully vested in their leadership journey.

SOAR participants also spend time mastering how to tell the Netsmart story. This supports the organization-wide priority to ensure our associates are confident explaining what Netsmart does and how we, in partnership with our clients, are changing healthcare. Our leaders play a pivotal role in increasing awareness of this initiative. By propagating this effort, associates become more connected to the various causes and communities we serve.

We’d like to extend a final congratulations to all 2018 SOAR and inSPIRE graduates. Thank you for your time, commitment to your professional development and a fantastic year.

Hear from participants below regarding their unique experience:

“I thought the SOAR program was an excellent opportunity for me to step away from my day-to-day activity and take the time to approach things from a more strategic mindset.  With the structure of the program I was able to continuously reevaluate my actions and adjust as needed. In addition, I had the ability to speak to other leaders at Netsmart as well as the Valor Performance coaches, which helped me move past roadblocks more efficiently.” – Larry Seltzer, general manager, client alignment human services

“If you are open to real change, you get the opportunity to be a part of a transformative journey focusing on whole-person development, while also getting to see growth in those around you. We have been reflecting on the process of ‘becoming’ the best leaders we can to achieve results for Netsmart. Further up and further in!” – Nathan Lipps, director, client development

“The SOAR program really challenged me to self-reflect and allowed me to focus on my emotional and mental flexibility. I’ve learned, practiced and implemented skills to improve how I deal with situations where stakes and emotions are high. I’ve found the ‘power of the pause’ truly valuable and effective.” – Nicki Grose, director, billing product management   

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