Learning the Ropes of Team Building

Our FUTURES took their internship to new heights last week after completing the Tucker Leadership Lab challenge course at William Jewell College. Founded in 2000, this course presents businesses, schools, churches and sports teams with obstacle course-like challenges designed to build trust, communication and confidence.

While the lab offers a variety of courses, the FUTURES went through the “Modified Odyssey Course.” This course consisted of team building activities at the ground level as well as at chilling heights on the Odyssey ropes. Though daunting for some, the ropes course provided everyone with an opportunity to get to know  each other and learn how to collaborate not only on the course, but throughout the summer.

Along with building confidence and trust, the Tucker Leadership Lab helps foster and build personal and professional growth. The ropes course was not only a fun and exciting event for the FUTURES, it also provides a unique experience to help them build skills that will transfer into their work over the summer and throughout their professional careers.

Hear from some of the FUTURES about their time at the course and how it helped them build upon their personal and professional relationships:

“My favorite part of the day was being with my team on the ropes course. On one of the passes, a few coworkers and I put blindfolds on and had to trust where each other was, so communication was a big key to this exercise. The biggest lesson I took away from the ropes course and all the exercises was that it is very difficult and sometimes impossible to do things on your own in relation to collaborative work. Everyone contributes key pieces to a project or even in an exercise, so we have to rely and trust in one another to get the entirety of the project complete.” – Alexis Rampetsreiter, Delivery Analyst FUTURE

“I loved my experience at the Odyssey −even though I was terrified on almost every step of it. You know how movies show that when you take a leap of faith it always pays off? Well that’s not the case in real life and I almost always fell two steps short of completing each part of the Odyssey even though I took that giant risk. Luckily, my team was always there to reach out and pull me through right when I thought I failed. 10/10 experience and friends. Would definitely recommend.”- Bynn Lee, Software Engineer FUTURE

“The ropes course was a great team building activity that gave us the chance to push ourselves out of our comfort zones. We also learned different group skills, such as the importance of team work and how thinking outside of the box can help solve solutions. My favorite part was leading another FUTURE from platform to platform while he was blindfolded. I felt that it really reiterated how trust and communication can allow people to accomplish what looks like an impossible task.” – Ian Seal, Software Engineer FUTURE

“Even though I’m not a fan of heights, I really enjoyed the ropes course., I was uncertain of climbing up to the middle level of the high ropes course and balancing on little metal cords 30 feet in the air. But I decided to go ahead and take a leap of faith. I am very glad I did the course, it taught me to trust my peers and learn how to get over my fear of heights.” – Jacob Burrow, Delivery Analyst FUTURE

As told by our FUTURES, there were many takeaways from this adventurous and productive day out of the office. Participants were able to learn the importance of teamwork and communication, while forming new partnerships along the way. Just like on the ropes course, even when you fall, with the help of your teammates you can get back up and be successful. After this event, we hope our FUTURES will take a leap of faith and push themselves to do great things during their summer at Netsmart.


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