Guiding Our FUTURES Forward

The FUTURES program is built to “develop innovators and dreamers for the Netsmart of tomorrow.” Interns are called FUTURES because they are the future of Netsmart. FUTURES are given a project to work on throughout the summer, followed by a chance to “strut” what they’ve learned before the program ends. The goal is to allow students to grow their passion within Netsmart, learn new professional and leadership skills and collaborate among each other.

Over the years, the FUTURES program has almost doubled in size and includes students in areas of consulting, marketing, HR, finance and engineering. We spoke with previous FUTURES who are now Netsmart associates to share about their experiences and what they would recommend to those who are joining the program for the first time.

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Brightening 2020 with our FUTURES’ Arrival

2020 has been a year of adaptation, teaching us all to remain agile and make the best of the opportunities presented to us. One of the biggest changes this year has been transitioning to a virtual workforce, which includes the Netsmart summer internship program. Our FUTURES are leveraging their technical expertise to adapt to our first fully virtual summer internship.

Check out the Q&A below to learn more about some of our FUTURES and their digital experience so far here at Netsmart.

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