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Our Journey … A new hire perspective – Part 3

Consulting Netsmart Life

So my journey with Netsmart began back in October of 2014 on my first day walking into the main Kansas building.  I decided not to be shy, and introduced myself to the five other people that would start with me that day. I think that automatically made me Amy, the chatty one, in the group. We soon learned more about our roles and starting on day two, we dove right in and spent the next few weeks learning. We shadowed other associates and trained one another over what we had learned. We studied the modules, programs, events, and setups while testing each other on a daily basis.

After having spent a lot of time in the Clara Barton (pioneer nurse who founded the American Red Cross) training room,  I was ready to get going.  Of note, all of our conference rooms have @CauseConnected names.

After onboarding ended, my traveling adventures began Continue reading Our Journey … A new hire perspective – Part 3

Our journey … a new hire perspective – Part 2

Consulting Netsmart Life

Hi, Zach here, I too began my Netsmart journey on January 5th with the Consulting New Hire class.  I had just graduated from college at Kansas State a few weeks before and Netsmart is my first “Real World” work experience. I was nervous the first day, but that quickly went away by the time the second day. The next five weeks of training flew by faster than left-over Jack Stack BBQ disappears in the Café  at Netsmart – a common occurrence.  

A group of about 10 of us were chosen to work with Netsmart’s Avatar solution. The days went fast but were filled with infinite amounts of information. Continue reading Our journey … a new hire perspective – Part 2

Our Journey… a new hire perspective – Part 1

Consulting Netsmart Life

Hi, I’m Hannah – pictured closest to the Netsmart sign.  Pictured to the right is Zach and then Amy.  Our Netsmart journey began about 10 weeks ago as we were welcomed into the Consulting Organization. We will each share our story over the next few days starting with mine today.  So check back to hear their stories.

Here’s mine:  I had a technical background which made it a perfect fit for me. We attended four weeks of training; allowing us to have a lot of specialized attention and really focus on the areas we didn’t know or had not had experience with before starting employment.

After we finished training, I had the opportunity to work on updating the Training Manual; this allowed me the chance to review everything from training as well as improve upon the training exercises for future new hires. It was a great experience and I was able to improve on areas that were a weakness for me.

I have also had the chance to do a variety of billable client work already.  Continue reading Our Journey… a new hire perspective – Part 1

Seeds of Hope Gala: I am only one or am I?

What it’s all about…building relationships to change the world one person at a time. Right?!?

I had the opportunity to attend the Seeds of Hope Gala hosted by the New York City – NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) organization this past month.  This event honored extraordinary local leaders in the mental health community whose dedication, knowledge and vision have helped pave the way in reducing the stigma around mental illness. It was an evening of mingling, food, silent auctions, honorees and distinguished speakers such as Rep. Patrick Kennedy, Dr. Lisa Dixon, Shari Goldfarb and our host for the night – Chris Noth “Mr. Big”.


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