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Connecting to a cause.

This August, Netsmart hosted its first EveryDayMatters Opportunity Fair. Local clients and organizations were invited to come share their stories with associates. The fair allowed associates to connect with these organizations about their missions and how they can volunteer and give back.



Campus Recruiting is Underway!

Although it is only mid-January, planning for spring campus recruiting is already underway!  Netsmart will be attending career fairs and networking events at 8 campuses in the Midwest and 4 campuses in New York.  We are looking for students to fill fulltime positions and FUTURES positions.  We have opportunities in Engineering, Consulting, Plexus Cloud, Finance, Sales and IT.


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Staying Healthy During Business Travel

‘Tis the season for coughs, colds and flus – particularly the highly contagious norovirus. Unfortunately, frequent flyers on business travel are at risk. While the flu can be hard to handle from the comfort of your home, it’s definitely something corporate travelers will want to avoid on both short flights and those long, trans-Atlantic flights.

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Corporate Travel Tips from the Netsmart Travel Manager

Corporate travel is stressful. Throw in the hustle and bustle of the holidays and multiple that stress by about 17 or so. With security as stringent as ever (and rightfully so), long lines and endless amounts of people in sight, keeping your sanity at the airport can be tough. Navigating the airport during high volume times throughout December can be a challenge, but here are a few tips to help you decompress.

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It’s A Wonderful Netsmart Life!

If you wonder what it is like at Netsmart during the holiday season, here is an inside look.  We have a few fun holiday traditions.  Every year we have beautiful Christmas trees adorning our lobbies for our associates and clients.  It is hard to decide which one is our favorite this year!


**Overland Park, Kansas

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Changing lives for the better, every second of every day!

I joined Netsmart before it was Netsmart! In 2004, I was hired as Director of Marketing Communications at CMHC Systems, the Ohio-based company that developed the CMHC/MIS CareRecord. A year later, that company was acquired by Creative Socio-Medics (the developer of Avatar), and Netsmart was born.


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Glore Psychiatric Museum


Glore Psychiartic Museum

In August, members of Learning Services and the myEvolv team visited the Glore Psychiatric Museum in Saint Joseph, Missouri. Most of us had never heard of the place, and we were surprised to learn it was only an hour away from Netsmart’s Overland Park office. The museum has been in existence since the late 1960’s, and its purpose is to show the rocky evolution of mental health care; as George Glore said, “We really can’t have a good appreciation of the strides we’ve made if we don’t look at the atrocities of the past.”

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