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Expanding Horizons in the Workplace

Work provides individuals with a sense of purpose, self-worth and connection to the community. It’s an opportunity and ability many of us take for granted. According to The Arc, “the vast majority of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) are either unemployed or underemployed, despite their ability, desire and willingness to work in the community.” However, an Olathe, Ks foundation is working to improve that impression. Heartstrings is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is expanding inclusion in the workplace by offering employment opportunities to adults with I/DD. Currently, the organization employs 47 individuals with plans to expand employment opportunities throughout 2019.

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Netsmart Gets a H@ndle On the #10YearChallenge

If you’ve been scrolling through social media news feeds over the past few weeks, you’ve likely stumbled across the “10-Year Challenge.” Many users, including celebrities, have taken to their favorite social platforms to post side-by-side photo comparisons displaying a 10-year difference and the hashtag #10YearChallenge.

In an effort to keep our social feed “on point” and show our appreciation to longstanding associates, we brought the 10-Year Challenge to Netsmart! We’re fortunate to have nearly 400 associates who have graciously contributed 10 or more years of service.  Over the past decade, their combined efforts helped forge advances in healthcare technology that have revolutionized the care our clients deliver.

We’d like to thank each of them for their continued dedication to our mission, vision and values. Below is the Netsmart associate version of the #10YearChallenge. Keep scrolling to discover what continues to fuel their drive and dedication to the communities we serve.

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Meet Our Veterans: Gregg Jacoby

In the Meet Our Veterans series, we’re proud to recognize Netsmart associates who have worn the uniforms of the armed forces. It’s sincerely a privilege to work alongside individuals who have served our country. We thank them and all military members and their families across the U.S. for their service yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Continue reading to follow Gregg’s unique journey from the U.S. Navy to Netsmart.

Gregg Jacoby, Senior Proposal Writer

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If You Mustache About Alex’s ‘stache

I’d venture to guess most of you have heard of “No Shave November.” It’s a time mothers and significant others loath, and hopeful adolescents are met with fragmented results. What you may be less familiar with is Movember, a month-long initiative supporting major health challenges men face today. The cause encourages supporters to either grow a mustache or get physically active to increase awareness of men’s mental health, suicide, prostate and testicular cancer.

This November, Netsmart associate Alex Dreiling dedicated his upper lip to support Movember’s mission. Continue reading to discover what inspired his participation.

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Who’s Graduating at Netsmart?

While we spared them from parading around in a cap and grown, we still recognized the 2018 SOAR and inSPIRE participants on their recent graduation. The programs provide year-round support and resources to current and emerging Netsmart leaders. Grounded in the five LeadSmart Expectations, both programs aim to expand each participant’s leadership skills and potential. To ensure we continue to increase innovation, productivity and incorporate the Netsmart mission, it’s vital we invest in our leadership. Continue reading to learn more about the SOAR and inSPIRE programs.

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Janet’s Wish

It’s always a pleasure to learn of an associate’s personal connection to a cause or community we serve. Netsmart associate April McClure found a personal connection to the Care at Home community after her mother received hospice care. Discover how fulfilling her mother’s final request led to the creation of Janet’s Wish, an organization that grants gifts of comfort to hospice patients.

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