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Looking Toward the FUTURES




As a college student, the thought of entering the workforce can be really overwhelming. Knowing what to do and what to expect in a real-life employment setting can sometimes seem scary or confusing, but having a little bit of experience under your belt before graduation can really ease that stress. Many students across the country take time to participate in an internship or work experience program to give them a taste of what they can expect when it’s time to begin their career.

Here at Netsmart, we are proud to offer college and university students a unique experience through our summer internship program called the FUTURES program. We understand the importance of investing in those who join us to take our organization forward, which is why we call the program the FUTURES program. The six-year-old program is highly anticipated by college students and associates alike and we are excited to say that we’re already gearing up for the summer of 2018!

Interested in applying for a FUTURE position? Here’s what you can expect. Those who participate in the FUTURES program experience a thorough application and interview process to determine the right fit for their experience with Netsmart. Depending on availability, FUTURES can find themselves working in a variety of departments at Netsmart, from internal IT, engineering, consulting and more.

The 10-week program is primarily based in the Overland Park, Kansas, office, where students from all over the country come to participate. The program has a lot to offer in terms of real-world experience, including a balance between on-the job-learning, hands-on client-based work, professional development opportunities, leadership exposure and several social networking events throughout the summer.

During the program, FUTURES are assigned a manager and a mentor for the summer. Each FUTURE is highly valued, just as any other member of their team. They are provided the chance to work on live, real-time projects alongside other associates on their team and in some cases, working on cross-functional teams.

FUTURES are offered the chance to get hands-on experience working directly with full-time associates on projects for real Netsmart clients. Take advantage of time with our leadership team to learn about and discuss industry topics and trends. Get certified to assist those experiencing a mental health or substance use crisis with Mental Health First Aid and spend time helping others through participating in volunteer hours for EveryDayMatters.

Most of all, FUTURES have the chance to experience what makes growing a career at Netsmart special – building relationships, understanding the industry, getting in-depth exposure and experience to life-changing technologies and connecting with a cause all in an environment that breeds creativity and collaboration.

Keep an eye out on our Careers page for opportunities to apply for the FUTURES program and check out our NetsmartLIFE blog for posts written by previous FUTURE program participants.


Volunteering and Giving Back in Santa Clara County

At Netsmart, we understand the value and importance of giving back to our communities. Whether it’s our time or skills, we encourage our associates to get out and support organizations and activities that help enhance and serve the areas in which we live.

Every day truly matters to the 13 percent of children living in poverty and the 19,000 adults and youth that are homeless in Santa Clara County (California). Our associates decided it was their turn to jump in and make a difference to help these individuals in their local area.

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Meet the Clinicians: Audrey Terry

Our associates constantly amaze when they share their experience with us! From world travels to incredible professional experiences, they’ve seen and done so many things that bring a unique flavor and perspective to their roles at Netsmart that allow them to serve our clients tremendously! In this edition of CareThreads, we meet myEvolv ® Product Specialist Audrey Terry who shares her experience working with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities both at home and abroad.

Visit CareThreads to learn more about Audrey!

Relocation, Relocation, Relocation: A True Career Move

It’s no secret that Netsmart has a wonderful group of talented and superb associates. We are home to exceptional individuals who bring a ton of diverse and unique experience to the table. In fact, we have quite a few associates who have chosen to relocate just to join the Netsmart family. Picking up your life and moving it to a different part of the country shows the dedication our associates bring to our organization and the communities we serve.

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#FUTURES17 Put Skills to the Test for KPI Benchmarking

Our FUTURES work hard over the summer. We don’t expect them to get coffee and run errands – we put their skills and knowledge to work on live projects that make our solutions better for those who use them. FUTURES get the chance to work directly with the tools and resources our teams use every day as well as the chance to work with our wonderful clients.

Although our 2017 FUTURES program may be wrapped up for the summer, their impact will last at Netsmart. A perfect example rests in the development of a KPI Benchmarking solution developed by Consulting FUTURES Graham Wood and Michael Johnson and Engineering FUTURES Jordan Erisman and Braden Schroeder for our partners at Cornerstones of Care.

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Meet Dr. Denny Morrison – Chief Clinical Advisor

The latest in our Meet the CliniciansDenny_Morrison_Headshot_2015 series focuses on Chief Clinical Advisor Dr. Denny Morrison. Denny has versatile personal and professional backgrounds that really make him a wonderful addition that works with our Netsmart team. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with him to every project and he is someone who is truly dedicated to helping improve the lives of individuals.

Make sure you dive right in to CareThreads to read and learn more about Denny!