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#MHM2018: Mental Illness Warning Signs

It can be tricky to tell the difference between someone’s typical behavior or behavior caused by a mental illness. Not everyone is qualified to determine the presence of a mental illness, but if a loved one is exhibiting unusual or different behaviors, it could be a signal that they need help.

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Life At Netsmart: Making It Matter



Why do some people bounce out of bed eager to start their work day, while others hit snooze five times, wishing it was the weekend?

Our revenue-cycle management team celebrates in 2017!

According to a recent article, a big reason people feel excited to work is they find meaning from their work as much as they take meaning from it. The happiest people look for ways their job is helping others. Simply put, those happiest in their jobs can define why their job matters.

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Health Hackathon Awards Prizes For Improving Mental and Physical Health

SBU HackHealth1

What happens when you bring together more than 80 students, software developers, designers and healthcare professionals for 13 hours? Netsmart and Stony Brook University in New York found this out last month at the third annual HackHealth hackathon.

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Meet the Clinicians: Carole Thomas

Meet Carole Thomas, Netsmart strategic solutions consultant. She’s one of many Netsmart associates who have fantastic career experience in healthcare.  Her incredible background as an experienced clinician gives her a lot of perspective on what is important to our clients and the individuals they serve. At Netsmart, she’s able to apply her knowledge and expertise to help organizations utilize technology to support their day-to-day operations, allowing them to focus on providing the best care possible.

Get to know Carole and read more about her on CareThreads.

Meet the Clinicians: Bill King

Our associates are the bright colors that make up the Netsmart tapestry. We value each associate as they contribute their individual knowledge and unique experience to help us achieve wonderful things in healthcare. Today, we meet Netsmart associate Bill King. Bill is a solutions strategist for RXConnect who has a passion for hospital pharmacy and technology. Fast fact about Bill? He’s currently working on automating his entire house!

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