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National Donate Life Day!


Friday, April 15, is National Donate Life Day, also known as Blue & Green Day, which fits in very nicely with our Netsmart colors!  It is a day about promoting organ, eye, and tissue donations (  As most of you know, my youngest son, Ryan, took his own life June 2013, when he was 18 years old.  As horrible as that was, we were able to donate his organs, which really helped a lot knowing that something good could come out of something so tragic.

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Travel Tips: Helpful Apps to Download


An easy way to view your itineraries, and book travel when not at your computer. View your expense reports and submit on the go! Also allows for an easy way to track personal car miles.



Syncs with Concur, and allows you to take pictures of your receipts as you go, and will auto fill most of the information for you in your expense reports.

Packing Pro
A way to organize packing lists and copy previous lists. Has defaults and preset organized lists, and allows for customization.
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Week 4: FUTURES on the Hunt!


Week 4:  FUTURES on the Hunt!

As our fourth week of the Futures program comes to a close I think it is safe to say that we are all figuring out the definition of work hard play hard. Although our training may seem over our heads at times and we slowly begin to understand that the learning never really stops, I think we can all agree Netsmart has done an excellent job of keeping things interesting. They’ve done this by planning some awesome events to break up our schedules and make sure we are making the most of our summer in KC. Continue reading Week 4: FUTURES on the Hunt!

Take 5 – Netsmart Demand Generation

Demand Generation is responsible for supplying Netsmart in excess of 10,000 leads a year. A third of all of Netsmart’s company pipeline originates from Demand Gen. How do they do it? It’s no simple task. It involves more than a dozen marketing channels which are monitored, analyzed and developed by this creative and focused group in Great River, New York. In our latest Take 5 video series, we take you inside The Demand Gen Office …

Accomplishing amazing things!

War Room Photo1

I am a brand new full time employee at Netsmart. Even though I started in January, I had been a future here for the past  two summers. I have had the opportunity to work on OrderConnect during my last summer at Netsmart while completing my computer science degree at Kansas State, but this project changed the environment that I was previously used to. Continue reading Accomplishing amazing things!

New Associates Dedicated to a Cause! #edm


The newest hiring classes from Evolv, Addiction Management, and VRS are hosting a donation drive to help the children in need at KVC Health Systems.  As new associates, we would like to give our time and efforts back to the communities and clients we serve as an organization.   Being a part of a company that believes EveryDay Matters and is not just a mantra, is a honor. The newest hiring classes would like to show the community how much Netsmart can truly contribute, not only by putting passion into the work that we do but in the acts of kindness we, as a company, actively pursue.

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Take 5 with Netsmart — Ep. One: Conventional Wisdom

“I have been with Netsmart since early November 2014, but have worked as a Project/Program Manager for over 15 years.  Knowing that Netsmart values leadership and education, I brought an idea to the table regarding project management though the use of the Netsmart Yammer blog.  Because of my blog post, I had the opportunity to meet with a member of the Netsmart Executive Team.  We spoke about my project management philosophies and found that we both agree.  It’s wonderful to know that Netsmart and its executives are always open to meeting and working with their staff.”  

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Meet our growing Netsmart Careers team!

The Netsmart Careers team is growing and changing.  Meet our recruiting team!!


From Left to Right:  Ashley, Jill, Tonya, Sandra and Sara

Netsmart Careers Recruiters

  • Ashley DeMond – Campus / Finance
  • Jill Sanchez – Engineering / Cloud / Hosting / Technical
  • Tonya Munden – Sales / Consulting / Learning Services / Sales Operation
  • Sandra DeStigter – Support / Billing / Marketing

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Happy Thanksgiving from Team Netsmart!


Happy Thanksgiving from Team Netsmart!

Are you up for a challenge? Every year we see posts on social media outlets about what people are thankful for during the holiday season. This season WE challenge you to express your gratitude with words AND live by them! ‪#‎ntst‬ ‪#‎blog‬ ‪#‎gotgratitude

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” ~ John Fitzgerald Kennedy Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving from Team Netsmart!

Reflections on Connections

Reflections on Connections

“Together, we can positively impact the lives of more than 25 million people. We at Netsmart rise each day passionate about this opportunity.”


The assertion above can be found in the “about us” section of the Netsmart company Web Site. Can you guess which word is most important to us? Passion is certainly up there. Opportunity? Yes, we believe in seizing it. But it’s “people” that are at the core of who we are. And that’s what stood out at Connections 2014 – our annual conference with clients that was held this year in Anaheim. Continue reading Reflections on Connections