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Mental Health Affects Us All: A Conversation With Jason Hooper of KVC Health Systems

“Positive behavioral and mental health is the key to overall health,” said Jason Hooper, president and CEO of KVC Health Systems. The nonprofit organization works to stabilize and strengthen families in crisis. Nationally, they provide hope and help to families struggling with behavioral health, child welfare and community health and wellness.

Recently, Hooper shared about recent themes in behavioral health as well as KVC Health System’s goals and focus for the future.

Discover how KVC Health Systems is impacting behavioral healthcare by paving brighter futures for children, families and caregivers on CareThreads.

Raising Awareness and Helping Others by Remembering Ryan



When I got that call on June 23, 2013, everything changed. It was the biggest shock of my life and the worst thing that could ever happen to me. It’s five years later and I still really can’t believe my son Ryan took his own life.

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#FUTURES18: Helping Others Through Mental Health First Aid

At Netsmart, we strongly believe that mental health is equally as important as physical health. Just as first aid may help someone with an injury in an emergency, so does Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) when it comes to someone experiencing a mental health or substance use crisis. We offer all of our associates the opportunity to take an eight-hour course where they learn about the risk factors and warning signs of someone in mental health distress and are equipped with the tools to help.

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#MHM2018: Say What?

Words are powerful. Choosing the right thing to say can make a world of difference to someone who may be experiencing a mental illness. It’s important to pick your words carefully in order to provide the best support possible. Consider the following in the event of lending comfort and compassion to a loved one.

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#MHM2018: Mental Illness Warning Signs

It can be tricky to tell the difference between someone’s typical behavior or behavior caused by a mental illness. Not everyone is qualified to determine the presence of a mental illness, but if a loved one is exhibiting unusual or different behaviors, it could be a signal that they need help.

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Life At Netsmart: Making It Matter



Why do some people bounce out of bed eager to start their work day, while others hit snooze five times, wishing it was the weekend?

Our revenue-cycle management team celebrates in 2017!

According to a recent article, a big reason people feel excited to work is they find meaning from their work as much as they take meaning from it. The happiest people look for ways their job is helping others. Simply put, those happiest in their jobs can define why their job matters.

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