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#FUTURES17 – WEEK 6 – Women in Healthcare

Woman are increasingly making waves in fields once dominated by men, such as healthcare. In a world where healthcare is ever-changing, there are those that rise above and beyond to evolve and create new solutions for the industry. These women are upholding the backbone of healthcare. They are working tirelessly to revolutionize and transform the field to improve the lives of individuals everywhere.

Join Engineering FUTURES Diamond McNeill, Morgan Kuerschner and, Julia Drahozal along with Consulting FUTURE Hannah Valentine as they highlight a few women of influence in healthcare and impact they are making on the industry.

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#FUTURES17 – Week 2 – Know Your Mentor!

We’re wrapping up week two in our FUTURES program and everyone is having a great time!

FUTURES are paired with two departmental associates who serve as a manager and a mentor during the duration of the summer. This week, join Megan Wurts, Delivery Analyst FUTURE, Erin Coots, Software Engineer FUTURE, Alex Beattie, Software Engineer FUTURE and Will Givens, Cloud Systems Engineer FUTURE, as they get to know their awesome managers and mentors better!

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Meet Andrew Mersman – Senior Director, myEvolv

Andrew Mersman

Next in our Meet the Clinicians series, we feature Senior Director, myEvolv, Andrew Mersman. He is one of our many talented associates who bring a unique, real-world experience to the the table. From working as a therapist to entering into the healthcare technology field, Andrew has a wonderful background to help us work on and deliver the best solutions for the communities we serve. Get to know Andrew and learn more about him on our CareThreads blog!

Walk The Walk, Talk The Talk – Netsmart Associates Become Mental Health First Aid Instructors

CPR. We’re all aware of this vital, life-saving technique. It is a training many of us have learned at some point in life – in Boy Scouts, after school programs or first aid training because it is a simple way to potentially save someone’s life. But, what if there was a health issue that affected more people than heart attacks and only 1 million people across the United States knew how to save someone from it?

MHFA Instructor Training 2017 6
Tricia (left) and Julie at their Mental Health First Aid training.

Mental illness affects more than 43.8 million adults. That number continues to grow, creating a significant need to prepare individuals to know how to help in mental health emergencies. Managed and operated by the National Council for Behavioral Health and the Missouri Department of Mental Health, Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is an 8-hour course that gives people the skills to help someone who is developing a mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis.

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ICYMI – Overland Park Goody Delivery Featured on Kansas City News

Each week, a group of individuals with Heartstrings Community Foundation stops by our Overland Park, Kan., office to give our associates a chance to indulge in tasty treats. Their Goody Delivery service visits the office on Wednesdays and the program provides an opportunity for individuals with developmental disabilities to work and develop skills for everyday life. Check out their segment on KSHB!

Netsmart Gives Nod to Female Technology Pioneer

It’s no secret that Ngrace_hopperetsmart takes pride in being a leader in providing electronic health record solutions to human services and post-acute communities. We strive every day to move forward on our path to success and aim to remain aware of how history has grown and shaped our industry. As part of this understanding, we have honored a variety of ground-breaking individuals in the fields of technology and science in our Netsmart offices. Among those pioneers is notable Navy Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper. She was a true asset to public service and to the development of modern technology and we’re proud to honor her.

Check out our feature about Hopper and her tremendous contributions to our industry on CareThreads.


Past FUTURE to Present: Laura Schoonover Uses Talent to Raise Awareness About Mental Illness

It’s no secret that our associates are amazing and talented and Netsmart Junior Graphic Designer Laura Schoonover is no exception. From her early days as a Netsmart FUTURE (our version of an intern) to her current role, Laura has been able to put her artistic skills to good use. Adding that to her desire to help others, she has created a meaningful chalk mural about the significance of Mental Health First Aid training.

After graduating from college, Laura turned down three job offers and chose to participate in Netsmart’s FUTURES summer internship program, which provides participants real-life, hands-on experience in business and technology. She says she enjoyed the opportunity to work on active projects in the company and was able to jump in feet first into the Netsmart family. Her transition from being a FUTURE to becoming a full-time associate was quick and easy, thanks to the relationships and experience she gained through the program.

As part of her continuing growth at Netsmart, Laura participated in training and became certified in Mental Health First Aid through the National Council for Behavioral Health. She was inspired to get certified because she knows that there are a lot of misconceptions about mental illness and wanted to learn more about how to approach those who may be suffering.laura-schoonover-chalk-drawing-fb-2-10-17

“I have a relative who struggles with mental illness and a friend who struggles with anxiety and anxious thoughts and feelings,” Laura said.  “I knew that there was more to mental illness than the stereotypes, and I wanted to learn more about how to make the most of my interactions with them without crossing any lines that could cause them to push themselves away from me.”

Netsmart likes to tell visual stories about healthcare and technology and Laura wanted to share her experience with others.  “I definitely wanted viewers to be able to look at this design and think about the signs and symptoms that stood out to me and affect so many people. I wanted them to recognize those symptoms and become interested in learning more about mental illness and what they can do to help those who are affected by it.”

Laura hopes that her creation creates awareness and thoughtfulness in others to keep an eye out for signs and symptoms of a mental health crisis. She also hopes that it inspires other associates to learn more about mental illness and to get certified in Mental Health First Aid.

By building a solid foundation through the FUTURES program, her incredible artistry and her commitment to growth by becoming Mental Health First Aid certified, Laura has provided all of us with a stunning reminder about our foundation of being cause connected and passionate about mental health support.