404 Found: National Engineers Week

In recognition of National Engineers Week, we’re highlighting the background of six Netsmart engineers! Whether working in our Overland Park, Springfield, Louisville, San Jose or Great River office, their invaluable work supports our overarching mission to equip providers with seamless, secure and intuitive technology.

Continue reading to hear how each associate found their passion for the field, what they enjoy most about being an engineer and how they continue to develop their skills at Netsmart.

We appreciate the work of all our engineers this and every other week of the year.

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Sarah Shimmies Away the Stigma with Netsmart Client, KidsTLC

Shortly after joining Netsmart in May of 2019, Sarah Owings toured KidsTLC during her onboarding training. While visiting their campus to observe firsthand how our solutions impact the lives of individuals and families in their care, she immediately felt bonded to the organization and was eager to support their mission. It wasn’t until a few months later while surrounded by friends and enjoying the 2019 BMA Foundation’s Dine & Dance with the Stars event that her opportunity presented itself. A girls’ night out quickly evolved into an unforgettable journey of personal growth and connection to a Netsmart client for Sarah, as one of the charities included in the benefit was KidsTLC. It was in that very moment Sarah knew she would be dancing on the floor in 2020 to support KidsTLC.

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Zeroing in on Leadership

While we spared them from parading around in a cap and grown, we still recognized the 2019 SOAR and inSPIRE participants on their recent graduation at Arrowhead Stadium. The programs provide year-round support and resources to current and emerging Netsmart leaders. Grounded in the five LeadSmart Expectations, both programs aim to expand each participant’s leadership skills and potential. To ensure we continue to increase innovation, productivity and incorporate the Netsmart mission, it’s vital we invest in our leadership. Continue reading to learn more about the SOAR and inSPIRE programs.

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Why Hospice Care Matters to Me: April’s Story

In recognition of National Hospice and Palliative Care Month, we’re proudly featuring our associates’ personal connections to hospice by sharing their My Hospice stories.  Continue reading to find out how fulfilling her mother’s final request led to the creation of a hospice support organization that grants gifts of comfort

In 2009, I received a phone call that my mother, Janet, was coughing up blood in the ER. We soon found out that mom had stage IV lung cancer, which rapidly spread to her breast, and then to her brain.

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What Home Care Means to Me: Deborah’s Story

To honor National Home Care and Hospice Month, we’re proud to share one associate’s personal connection to the home care field.  Continue reading to learn how the compassionate care Deborah’s grandfather received  inspires her work at Netsmart today. 

“Just another fleeting moment,” my grandpa used to say. One to always find the joy in each moment – no matter how fleeting it was – best described my grandpa.

Grandpa was the light during a dark day. The roaring laugh at a party. And the wise counsel when life got complicated. He made everyone around him happier, kinder, better.

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Why Hospice Care Matters to Me: Emily’s Story

In recognition of National Hospice and Palliative Care Month, we’re proudly featuring our associates’ personal connections to hospice by sharing their My Hospice stories.  Continue reading to find out why solution marketing specialist Emily Eastin believes hospice is an invaluable service. 

My first experience with a hospice nurse was my teacher in high school. She coached me through my certified nursing assistant (CNA) certification. She was understanding and kind, emphasizing that my focus must always be on the patient and their family.

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Meet Our Veterans: Tim Bellamy

In the Meet Our Veterans series, we proudly recognize Netsmart associates who have worn the uniforms of the armed forces. It’s sincerely a privilege to work alongside individuals who have served our country. We thank them and all military members and their families across the U.S. for their service yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Continue reading to follow  Tim’s unique journey from the U.S. Marine Corps to Netsmart.

Tim Bellamy, Senior System Engineer 

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SOARing Alongside our Clients

Grounded in the five LeadSmart Expectations, SOAR is a nomination-based leadership program that provides year-round support, discussion and collaboration to a group of Netsmart associates who are currently directors and vice presidents. Through a self-study structure, SOAR participants receive resources and support that help develop their leadership skills, expand healthcare industry knowledge and business acumen.

The group meets onsite once a quarter at our Overland Park headquarters to build upon what they’ve learned through interactive activities and presentations. In the most recent gathering, participants heard from a client panel that provided an inside-look at how Netsmart clients are actively leveraging our solutions.

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Farewell FUTURES19

This summer, we welcomed 40 FUTURES to the Netsmart family. Each FUTURE had the opportunity to gain insight and real-world experience in many different areas of business including engineering, marketing, consulting, revenue cycle management (RCM), sales, human resources and more. An abundance of hard work paired with good memories made for the perfect summer here at Netsmart. Time sure does fly when you’re having fun!

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Making EveryDayMatter with the FUTURES

Recently our FUTURES took the opportunity to use their EveryDayMatters (EDM) volunteer day to grow their awareness of the impact we can make in our community by working in the gardens of our partner, Cornerstones of Care. Cornerstones is a local organization that offers social services including education, behavioral healthcare, foster care, and youth and family support services. The dedicated staff at Cornerstones works day in and day out to provide the best care for families in the community. What better way to support their mission than supporting them to serve others.

Hear from FUTURES Chase Neely, Cade Green, Nick Porsch and Grant Leonard to learn about what EveryDayMatters and being cause connected means to them.

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