FUTURES Consulting Training


The end of consulting training has come, and all of us consultants could not be more ready to start putting our training to use! For the past four weeks, we have undergone a complete transformation from eager new hires to knowledge-filled associates. The first week included everyone—both TIER and Avatar— learning the basics of a project life cycle. This consisted of understanding the Netsmart methodology all the way to team building exercises via planning for a party. This week really planted the idea that this whole thing is a team effort. Sure, we can all know each system inside and out, but if we don’t work together nothing can be accomplished. The values and goals of Netsmart were communicated to us this week. One thing I really took away from these was to always remember how the finished product will help people. It can be easy to get caught up in day to day duties and forget what we are really working for. Continue reading FUTURES Consulting Training

Man Plans, God Laughs … Enjoy the Ride

Man Plans, God Laughs … Enjoy the Ride
By Dennis Morrison, PhD

When I ask people if they could have predicted five years ago that they would be doing their current job, the majority say they could not. This was not always the case. There was a time when the most secure jobs were factory jobs, especially jobs in auto manufacturing. The people who entered that field – mostly men — could work for 30 years at a decent wage, with benefit, and receive a rich retirement package. Continue reading Man Plans, God Laughs … Enjoy the Ride

The life of an Engineering FUTURE at Netsmart!


As a returning FUTURE from last year’s team, I can tell you for sure that it is very different from my previous experience. I am very happy with both experiences. The differences that we get to enjoy this year are enormous. We get to work side by side with the full time associates and work on the actual solutions that Netsmart providers to their clients. Continue reading The life of an Engineering FUTURE at Netsmart!

KVC FUTURES Visit – Every Day Matters Volunteer Day


On June 26th, all of the Futures got together for an onsite client visit to the KVC Prairie Ridge Hospital in Kansas City. While we were there, not only did we get to learn a little bit more about how our solutions impact lives every day, we also got to hang out with some of the kids there and do some team building exercises on a challenge course. Continue reading KVC FUTURES Visit – Every Day Matters Volunteer Day

Jim Gargiulo welcomes 2014 #ntstfutures to Netsmart!

My name is Jim Gargiulo and I work in the Client Organization, leading efforts to ensure the company is in alignment with its clients. In my many years at Netsmart I’ve filled many roles, starting in consulting as a project manager, leading implementation teams, demonstrating our solutions, writing proposals, developing and then leading the sales organization.

In my almost 30 years of work here at Netsmart, I’ve learned that goal achievement is often a team sport. Our company growth goals are all about adding new companies to the Netsmart community; developing road maps and introducing new solutions to our clients. Continue reading Jim Gargiulo welcomes 2014 #ntstfutures to Netsmart!

Making the Most of your Internship


As a senior in college, my thoughts are constantly on my future career and my looming graduation date. I could easily let myself overthink and worry about this future. Not to mention the fact that being a college student nowadays means that I am repeatedly told about the “horror story” that is the current job market and how competitive my résumé needs to be in order to land that dream job. All of these thoughts lead to one stressed out individual. However, my mind is put to ease when I think about my past internship with Netsmart and my ongoing one this year. My experience gives me confidence in my ability to be successful. Unfortunately, this is not the case for every internship out there. It takes a special kind of company to be willing to invest in the blooming workforce in a way that creates a lasting impact. Netsmart has given me this opportunity to grow through the Futures program. It was and is my job to take these opportunities and make the most of them.

Continue reading Making the Most of your Internship

The Netsmart Way.

12SPencer Noyes

The Netsmart way. There are many things that one could perceive from this statement. Yesterday the Netsmart way was to excite all the futures with a free lunch and also a little behind the scenes learning session with Matthew Arnheiter over the product life cycle. All though we didn’t make it through Matthew’s entire presentation we still learned a lot. We learned how much money is spent by our government and insurance companies (Billions!) but the results don’t come close to their expenses. We also talked about the idea of preventative health, and how much it could reduce many of the expenses if people were being seen by doctors regularly and not just when they feel sick or if something’s wrong.

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