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Week 4: Every Day Matters Day

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After a recreational trip to the plaza the previous week, we were ready to put our volunteer skills to work for the Every Day Matters campaign. This year the Futures split their day working between KVC’s Prairie Ridge Children’s Psychiatric Hospital and the Indian Woods Middle School. In the morning, our group visited the children’s hospital, where we participated in a tour of the facility and learned how Netsmart’s solutions play a crucial role in day-to-day operations. After the tour, we had the opportunity to channel our inner child, and play a variety of games with some of the children. One of the games we played was a spin-off of rock, paper, scissors that involved giants, elves, and wizards.  Natalie even made a couple of new friends who kept referring to her as “Mini-Me”. The children and staff there were so friendly and everyone had a great time.

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FUTURES Week 2: Settling In and Setting up!


During week 2, the main focus was getting settled into our work flow, our groups and meeting team members. Engineering learned more details about their specific group project that they will complete for the summer and were assigned their roles. Consulting was shown more about the billing and clinical cycles. Then cloud computing worked with a microcomputer called the Raspberry Pi that was set up to work with their network testing. All in all, the three of us from our separate groups learned a lot about our individual teams but we are still working on learning the ropes. But we’ve also discovered our greatest asset, the Keurig machines. Continue reading FUTURES Week 2: Settling In and Setting up!

Our journey … a new hire perspective – Part 2

Consulting Netsmart Life

Hi, Zach here, I too began my Netsmart journey on January 5th with the Consulting New Hire class.  I had just graduated from college at Kansas State a few weeks before and Netsmart is my first “Real World” work experience. I was nervous the first day, but that quickly went away by the time the second day. The next five weeks of training flew by faster than left-over Jack Stack BBQ disappears in the Café  at Netsmart – a common occurrence.  

A group of about 10 of us were chosen to work with Netsmart’s Avatar solution. The days went fast but were filled with infinite amounts of information. Continue reading Our journey … a new hire perspective – Part 2

Meet our growing Netsmart Careers team!

The Netsmart Careers team is growing and changing.  Meet our recruiting team!!


From Left to Right:  Ashley, Jill, Tonya, Sandra and Sara

Netsmart Careers Recruiters

  • Ashley DeMond – Campus / Finance
  • Jill Sanchez – Engineering / Cloud / Hosting / Technical
  • Tonya Munden – Sales / Consulting / Learning Services / Sales Operation
  • Sandra DeStigter – Support / Billing / Marketing

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Campus Recruiting Update: Interview Marathons


Phew…. What a week! 59 candidates, 27 Netsmartians, 226 interviews, and an enormous amount of coffee later this week has been our biggest group of onsite visits for college students to date…. And we could not have been more proud of the talent that came on site to get to know us better. Continue reading Campus Recruiting Update: Interview Marathons

The Engineering Futures Say Goodbye

The Engineering Futures Say Goodbye

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The software engineering futures accomplished many tasks this summer. Our first tasks were working with full-time engineers on team projects where each Future was a part of a different Netsmart Solution. Although our parts may have seemed small many of the Futures ended up saving a lot of time and money for the company. Then we split into two teams to work on two restful services Fitbit and Twilio. Continue reading The Engineering Futures Say Goodbye

More Than an Intern and Not Only a Future–I am an Explorer

During spring semester, when study materials have long past taken over desks and begun to extend their dominion over beds, when group project meetings take precedence over meals, and when laundry has sunk so far down in the priority list that wearing the same shirt three times in one week is the norm, the search and wait for the ideal internship opportunity can cause the volcano of stress to erupt into a full mental breakdown…right before the first midterm.

Claudia Diaz

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