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Netsmart FUTURES- Week Ten

We can’t believe the summer is already coming to and end. The past ten weeks with our FUTURES have flown by! This week, our Great River and Overland Park FUTURES presented their summer projects to their mentors, managers and the entire Netsmart Executive Cabinet during the FUTURES Strut. They spent countless hours brainstorming, filming, editing and scripting in preparation for this event. This week, Dalton, Meghan and John reflect on their summer at Netsmart and the FUTURES program as a whole.

Dalton Bush: Internal IT FUTURE

Throughout this summer, we as FUTURES have been asked to complete many different tasks. From our own individual projects and work in our different departments, to preparing a presentation for the entire company to see; we have been challenged. In my personal opinion, writing this blog is the most challenging of all tasks during the summer. The reason I say this is challenging is not because I cannot find a topic to write about. I could explain what I have done all summer, along with our FUTURES strut presentations. However, I would rather talk about the meaning of this FUTURES program. Explaining what the FUTURES program means to us is what I find to be the most challenging task of the summer.

I simply do not believe this is something that can be explained in a few paragraphs. The opportunity and knowledge that we gain as FUTURES from this summer is very difficult to put into words. For some of us, this is our first chance at an internship, and I must say what a company to learn from. Our goal over these ten weeks is to gain as much knowledge as we can and improve our understanding of the work field we intend to dive into. The knowledge and experience I have gained within the Internal IT department this summer is priceless. I began the summer with a summer’s worth of experience, but I feel I will be leaving with much more than that because of how much I have learned these past ten weeks.

The great thing about being a FUTURE at Netsmart is that the tasks we work on are not scrapped to never be thought about again. Our work is meaningful and benefits this company in one way or another. We are treated just as other associates are, and we have the opportunity to complete the same work alongside of them. For some of us, working on meaningful work gives us an extreme amount of experience. In my degree of IT, the best way to learn is to do. I’ve been able to experience and troubleshoot issues firsthand thanks to Netsmart, and I have gained valuable knowledge that interns at other companies do not ever get a chance to learn. As FUTURES of Netsmart, we are given opportunities that we simply would not have if we were anywhere else.

The opportunity of being a FUTURE at Netsmart is not something any of us take for granted. I know I can speak for every 2016 FUTURE when I say we are truly honored to be here. This is the opportunity of a lifetime for us to be able to further ourselves toward becoming successful adults. Thanks to Netsmart, we have been able to experience things that would not have been the same anywhere else. Netsmart FUTURES are supposed to feel like the future of this company, and it is easy to, with the great opportunities that we are given. Thank you to everyone who has assisted in the FUTURES program and helped us learn throughout the summer.

Strut Image
During the Strut, the FUTURES played videos showcasing their knowledge of Netsmart before and after their ten week program. The videos covered topics like Netsmart solutions, the EDM Foundation, and their expectations for the program this summer.

Meghan Gordon: Marketing FUTURE

This summer, I’ve had the privilege of working in Netsmart’s marketing department with an amazing team of individuals. I can honestly say I’ve learned more this summer than I could’ve ever hoped for. Coming into this internship, I had no idea what to expect, but was excited to begin working.

I quickly learned that Netsmart isn’t the type of place that gives its interns busy work. Instead, I hit the ground running, working on real projects that the company actually used. In my first week alone, I’d designed table tents, monitor graphics, and posters for the Netsmart 3.0 Town Hall and a Public Health Summit.

My role as a Marketing FUTURE was wide-ranging, allowing me to explore a number of my interests. One day, I’d be designing signage for an event, and the next I’d be reviewing the viability our Success Stories or editing NetsmartLife blog content.

This week, our entire FUTURES class has spent a lot of time preparing for the FUTURES Strut. Tomorrow, all thirty-one FUTURES will gather to present our work. Not many companies are willing to clear an entire afternoon so the company, including our Executives, could learn about the impact the FUTURES have had on Netsmart this summer. The Strut really reinforces the idea that Netsmart cares about the work its FUTURES do.

Thank you, Netsmart for this amazing opportunity to learn and grow my skills. Lastly, I would like to thank my mentor, Laura Schoonover, and the entire Marketing Department for welcoming me into the Netsmart Family and making these past ten weeks unforgettable.

John Poorman: Delivery Analyst FUTURE

The past ten weeks have been a great experience for me in terms of learning about Netsmart as a career choice. This has been my first internship, and it’s exceeded all my expectations. I have grown as an individual throughout the course of this summer. I’ve gotten real-world experience in a professional environment that has about a million different moving parts, all of which contribute to Netsmart being the leader in their industry. This has helped me develop my communication and time management skills greatly. I have worked on a couple different projects since completing my training and have been preparing for our Futures Strut. Throughout these projects, I feel that I have been able to keep my priorities in line and stay productive.

I jumped around to a couple of different teams until I ended up working with Morgan Meyer, Nick Butler and fellow FUTURE, Santosh Dandi, on the Centers team.  As a group, we have put together documentation over the implementation of add-ons in Avatar and Evolv (I have personally only worked on the Avatar side). These documents are beneficial to associates because it gives them a guide over their implementation. It leads them through the process from pre-kick-off all the way through Go Live. These documents will also help answer any questions the Netsmart associate may have, as well as questions the client may have.

The thing that stuck out to me the most this summer was our Mental Health First Aid Certification EDM Day. I’ll be able to apply the information I learned in that class throughout my life in order to help others. A couple days ago, an email went out offering associates the opportunity to attend the class. I highly recommend signing up!

I am very thankful for the opportunity to work at Netsmart. I have absolutely loved how welcoming and friendly the associates and other FUTURES have been over the past ten weeks. I’d like to say thank you to everyone who has helped me grow as an individual. I cannot wait to share my experience with others!

Netsmart FUTURES- Week Seven

This week, our FUTURES participated in their second EDM Day, where they learned Mental Health First Aid. With the FUTURES Strut quickly approaching, they are also working hard to prepare for their presentations. This week, Joseph, Peter and William discuss their seventh week at Netsmart.


Joseph Giardina: Software Engineer FUTURE

WOW! I can’t believe we’re almost done. It seems kind of weird that in just a few short weeks this internship will be over. I am astonished how much I feel that I have acclimated to Netsmart in such a short amount of time. Netsmart has done an exceptional job of making me feel like a real employee and not just an intern.

Starting as a FUTURE I was a bit nervous to work in the real world outside of academia, and had a few goals set forth that were very important to me. My main goal was to experience working in a real company. I assumed it was likely much different from school, and I was right. I wanted to prove to myself that I can work in a company, as I feel like I never know enough and there is always more to know.

My secondary goal was to learn just learn basically anything and everything that I could. With the help of my amazing mentor, David Fann, and my assignment which challenged me by introducing many new and unfamiliar technologies I definitely feel I have done just that.

I just completed my personal project and am currently working on a group project that includes myself and 4 other interns. Since we are completely in charge it is teaching me a lot about software development, and how it may not always go as planned. But as a group we were able to band together as a team and despite challenges I feel that our project is still on track and going strong.

One thing that Netsmart does that I feel is extremely important is that the interns work on real projects and features that the company really uses, and not just some intern project that will never be used. This was super important for me as it made me feel as if I am a valued associate not just an intern.

This was greatly conveyed to me in our group project. We currently are working on an app to make scheduling conference rooms easier. Throughout our time here we have heard time and time again about how much different associates, including executives, are looking forward to using this application. This makes me feel that what I’m doing matters, and makes me want to work hard and do everything to the best of my ability.

This is exactly the type of experience I was hoping to get out of the summer. It’s going to be weird going back to school, this experience almost makes me feel as if I already graduated and am in the workforce. The Netsmart FUTURES internship has surpassed my expectations in almost every way. The people are great to work with, my mentor is amazing, my fellow FUTURES are great, and I’ve learned so much.


Peter Geiss: Software Engineer FUTURE

After a month and a half at Netsmart, I have to say I’m impressed with the environment. This is my second internship (my first one was not at Netsmart) so my experience is slightly different from some of the other FUTURES but I feel like I also have a better base of comparison. At my last internship, we were given a project and told to run with it. However, we didn’t build a perfect project seeing as we lacked oversight such as QA and I’m still not sure if our project was ever actually used. Here, we have proper guidance and structure, and our projects are actually integrated into the solutions Netsmart provides. Likewise, our teams actually interact with us and act as mentors rather than just throwing us into the deep end like they did at my last internship.

It’s the Great River (NY – Long Island) office’s first time having FUTURES and they’re taking it in stride. We’ve recently had our primary summertime event called Coding on the Beach where the SWEs (not just the FUTURES) had a day of work at Robert Moses Beach. Prior to this trip, our manager surprised us by sending us (just the FUTURES) on an afternoon at the beach to check where the best internet reception was. We have a couple more FUTURES events scheduled, like an EDM day in the Bronx and a scavenger hunt throughout NYC, so I’m excited to see how they will turn out.


William Givens: Cloud Systems Engineer FUTURE

Working at Netsmart this summer has been great hands-on work experience. From day one I was working on projects that directly impacted clients and Netsmart. When a client decides to join the Netsmart family, new hardware is needed onsite to use our services. I have built, configured, and shipped over 30 routers and vpn appliances to client sites, enabling them to connect to our data center. I have also been doing a large amount of work inside Winchester Data Center. Having access to the Netsmart suite and the Allscripts suite I was able to complete several projects. I researched, configured, and installed remote console managers in both suites. These allow us to reach network devices even in the event of a catastrophic failure. On top of this I went through every piece of hardware in the data center and matched their network names to the asset tags, enabling easier communication between the network and facilities teams. This summer has granted me an abundance of new knowledge and experience that I will use throughout my entire career.


Netsmart FUTURES- Week Six

Week six is here and between working and preparing for the upcoming FUTURES strut, our FUTURES are keeping busy. This week, Shaina, Austin and Jordan reflect on their experiences with the FUTURES program.

Shaina Bachelani: Finance FUTURE

The summer at Netsmart has been flying by for the FUTURES. It’s hard to believe we’re already on week six! We’ve all been pretty busy, but it’s been fun and definitely a good learning experience. As a Finance FUTURE, I’ve been working on a variety of projects. The biggest one has been analyzing expenses that have been incurred since January to see which vendors we spend the most with, as well as which departments those expenses come from. Some other projects that I’ve been working on have been looking at how the number of clients has changed by region from January of this year to now, and which of Netsmart’s products each region uses the most.

These past few weeks have been an awesome experience. I’ve learned so much and gotten to know some amazing people both on the finance and FUTURES teams. I can’t wait to see what these next few weeks have in store for us!

This week’s contributors, Shaina, Austin and Jordan, discuss the upcoming FUTURES strut, which will take place during their tenth and final week at Netsmart.

Austin Davis: Software Engineer FUTURE

Week six is here!  We’ve come so far in such a short time.  On Saturday there was R.Y.A.N.,  which was an event that promoted suicide awareness and prevention.  It was such a great opportunity to hear the speakers tell their stories and raise awareness for such a great cause!  You never know what other people are going through, and one of the event’s big messages was to remember that you are always needed.  It was inspiring to see all the jerseys, which had Ryan’s name and team number, 5, on them.

I feel like the FUTURES this year have such a great, uplifting attitude and we’ve been able to grow as a team over the past six weeks.  Netsmart has not only given us opportunities to grow in our skills with our jobs, but also to come together as a cause connected team through all the different events we get to participate in.  Even during meetings with the engineers, we connect how our individual projects contribute to our clients, which I find exciting!

13645160_1116440211751817_7713918498805840640_n copy
FUTURES work Netsmart’s EDM Foundation table during the R.Y.A.N. soccer tournament on Saturday, July 9 at the Olathe District Activity Center.

Jordan Erisman: Software Engineer FUTURE

The FUTURES program is past the halfway point, and I could not have asked for a better experience. As my first internship, I was nervous coming into the program. However, my mentor and team members have been extremely helpful. They have been more than willing to answer all of my questions and concerns. As a result, I have learned more than I thought possible in the last six weeks.

For the first five weeks, my project was to extract data from CareManager, which will later be used to predict patients’ risks for various medical conditions. For the remainder of the summer, I will be working on front-end web development. I am fortunate to get such a wide variety of meaningful work in the short, ten week program.

Along with projects for my team, the FUTURES have been working on a project to present at the end of the program in August. We have been making videos to display the daily lives of the Netsmart FUTURES, and how the work we are doing impacts the lives of our clients.

Aside from work, there have been several events for the FUTURES that have kept me busy. From Top Golf to weekly ultimate frisbee matches, there is always an opportunity to connect with other interns and associates from Netsmart. I have met some amazing people, and developed friendships here that will last a lifetime.

On Saturday, July 9, a group of FUTURES attend the R.Y.A.N. soccer tournament at the Olathe District Activity Center. The tournament promoted suicide prevention and awareness.

Netsmart FUTURES- Week Four

It was a busy week for our FUTURES! On Tuesday, they golfed, snacked and socialized with their mentors at Top Golf in Overland Park. They also spent Thursday at Ozanam for their first EDM Day, where they toured and assisted around the facility. This week, David, Tyler and Jake reflect on their fourth week as FUTURES.

Week 4
This week’s blog contributors, David Schmitt, Jake Stansbury and Tyler Johnston participate in an EDM Day at Ozanam on Thursday, June 30.

Tyler Johnston: Delivery Analyst FUTURE

Coming to Netsmart as a Delivery Analyst FUTURE I really had no idea what to expect.  That being said, as week number four comes to a close, I have been blown away.  Working with the consulting team has taught me so much, not only about Avatar, but about the behavioral health field in general.  I have developed a newfound respect for the work that is being done here, and the great people that make it happen.  It is relieving to know that most of our training is behind us.  As a Delivery Analyst we really hit the ground running but as a team we were able to learn so much about our solution, Avatar. We have learned how Netsmart’s solutions, such as Avatar, are helping our clients and the facilities they attend, such as Ozanam.

This week we also had the opportunity to enjoy an evening at Top Golf.  Being that there is a variety of FUTURES this year, it is hard to get everyone in one place, and Top Golf was the perfect spot.  It was a nice chance to really get to know the class and find out what different projects and teams everyone is working on.  Here is a picture of some of the FUTURES, Mentors and I getting ready to swing the club!

FUTURES and Mentors spend their afternoon engaging in some friendly competition at Top Golf in Overland Park, KS on Tuesday, June 28.

David Schmitt: Software Engineer FUTURE

It’s hard to believe it’s already been four weeks since I’ve started working at Netsmart! As a Software Engineer FUTURE with the POV team, I am developing a dashboard web application that will automatically gather and display data about assessments that clients are completing through our ReachingRecovery app. I’ve been learning a ton so far, but every day I feel more comfortable and confident about programming different parts of the dashboard.

Working at Netsmart this summer has been a blast so far. This is my very first internship experience, and I never imagined enjoying it as much as I do. I feel like I’m actually contributing to my team with the projects I’m working on, and every day that I step into the Solutionarium I’m excited to see how much I can accomplish. My team is very kind and easy to talk to, and I know they are ready to answer any question I have if I need help. The daily meeting that my team holds to discuss our progress definitely helps me recognize more of the big picture for what goes into developing solutions.

The Software Engineer FUTURES also have a weekly meeting to discuss the progress we are making on our projects. I like hearing about the variety of projects other FUTURES are working on, and it’s good to hear from the FUTURES in New York about what they are working on, too. I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone accomplishes in the next few weeks!

FUTURES work in the Ozanam greenhouse during their EDM Day on Thursday, June 3o.

Jake Stansbury: Finance FUTURE

Oh, what a busy week it has been. From working to Top Golf to EDM (Every Day Matters) Day, I have been having a full and fun week! To attempt to not be so repetitive I will just tell you about what we did on our Every Day Matters Day. With this being my second year as a Finance FUTURE at Netsmart, I have to say this EDM Day is one for the record books. For this EDM day we went to Ozanam to help out around their facilities and to learn from our client how Netsmart helps them in their daily lives. It was great to hear directly from clients about how Netsmart’s solutions and people have positively influenced their lives. Hearing from the client in-person helped me to be much more cause connected to what I am doing at Netsmart.

In addition to hearing from the clients about how Netsmart influences them, we helped around the facilities. Starting at about 9am until about 2pm (with a lunch break) we were working hard in two separate groups. One group was in the dorms painting walls and door frames. While the group I was in was outside working in the garden and greenhouse cleaning up the area, pulling weeds, organizing pots, moving rocks, and mulching. It was nice to be able to be outside working with my hands. I also really like to be able to help Ozanam clean up and improve their facilities to make their lives a little easier!

At the end of the day after we were done working we all played kickball with some of the kids staying at Ozanam. It was a beautiful day and so much fun to be able to play with the kids. Overall, I think the EDM Day at Ozanam was a success and I can’t wait for the next EDM Day planned!

A group of FUTURES and Netsmart’s new hire class participate in a kickball game with Ozanam residents during their EDM Day on Thursday, June 30.

#NatCon16 – Informed and Inspired

The National Council Conference or #NatCon16 offered a unique experience for each attendee.   There was much to see, learn and so many knowledgeable and talented people to meet.

Sunday morning in Las Vegas at Caesar’s Palace, where to go first?  The Netsmart booth of course! It was all hands on deck, our Leadership, Marketing, IT, Client Org, Support, Engineering, RCM, and Consulting teams were busy making sure our booth was going to be ready to go for clients and partners (and prepping us with a booth training session).

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Volunteering, Where to Begin?

Do you want to volunteer and give back to the community, but you’re not sure where to start?  What are you passionate about, underserved youth, cancer research, mental health, animal rescues?  Whatever issues motivate you to make a difference, there is probably an organization out there focusing their efforts and they most likely need volunteers!

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Glore Psychiatric Museum


Glore Psychiartic Museum

In August, members of Learning Services and the myEvolv team visited the Glore Psychiatric Museum in Saint Joseph, Missouri. Most of us had never heard of the place, and we were surprised to learn it was only an hour away from Netsmart’s Overland Park office. The museum has been in existence since the late 1960’s, and its purpose is to show the rocky evolution of mental health care; as George Glore said, “We really can’t have a good appreciation of the strides we’ve made if we don’t look at the atrocities of the past.”

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The Traveling Gnomes

Our EveryDayMatters Gnomes recently made a trip from Kansas City (where they were busy raising funds for EveryDayMatters  via the “Give A Gnome a Home” fundraiser), to our Long Island, New York office.  Once they made it to Long Island they connected with April, one of our awesome, QA Architects…and she was kind enough to take them on a New England adventure.

Day 1: The gnomes are having a wonderful vacation in NH. Tomorrow they will be going to Maine, so expect more fun pictures. For now, they are going to get some sleep, as little guys, they need a lot of rest.


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