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Netsmart FUTURES- Week Ten

We can’t believe the summer is already coming to and end. The past ten weeks with our FUTURES have flown by! This week, our Great River and Overland Park FUTURES presented their summer projects to their mentors, managers and the entire Netsmart Executive Cabinet during the FUTURES Strut. They spent countless hours brainstorming, filming, editing and scripting in preparation for this event. This week, Dalton, Meghan and John reflect on their summer at Netsmart and the FUTURES program as a whole.

Dalton Bush: Internal IT FUTURE

Throughout this summer, we as FUTURES have been asked to complete many different tasks. From our own individual projects and work in our different departments, to preparing a presentation for the entire company to see; we have been challenged. In my personal opinion, writing this blog is the most challenging of all tasks during the summer. The reason I say this is challenging is not because I cannot find a topic to write about. I could explain what I have done all summer, along with our FUTURES strut presentations. However, I would rather talk about the meaning of this FUTURES program. Explaining what the FUTURES program means to us is what I find to be the most challenging task of the summer.

I simply do not believe this is something that can be explained in a few paragraphs. The opportunity and knowledge that we gain as FUTURES from this summer is very difficult to put into words. For some of us, this is our first chance at an internship, and I must say what a company to learn from. Our goal over these ten weeks is to gain as much knowledge as we can and improve our understanding of the work field we intend to dive into. The knowledge and experience I have gained within the Internal IT department this summer is priceless. I began the summer with a summer’s worth of experience, but I feel I will be leaving with much more than that because of how much I have learned these past ten weeks.

The great thing about being a FUTURE at Netsmart is that the tasks we work on are not scrapped to never be thought about again. Our work is meaningful and benefits this company in one way or another. We are treated just as other associates are, and we have the opportunity to complete the same work alongside of them. For some of us, working on meaningful work gives us an extreme amount of experience. In my degree of IT, the best way to learn is to do. I’ve been able to experience and troubleshoot issues firsthand thanks to Netsmart, and I have gained valuable knowledge that interns at other companies do not ever get a chance to learn. As FUTURES of Netsmart, we are given opportunities that we simply would not have if we were anywhere else.

The opportunity of being a FUTURE at Netsmart is not something any of us take for granted. I know I can speak for every 2016 FUTURE when I say we are truly honored to be here. This is the opportunity of a lifetime for us to be able to further ourselves toward becoming successful adults. Thanks to Netsmart, we have been able to experience things that would not have been the same anywhere else. Netsmart FUTURES are supposed to feel like the future of this company, and it is easy to, with the great opportunities that we are given. Thank you to everyone who has assisted in the FUTURES program and helped us learn throughout the summer.

Strut Image
During the Strut, the FUTURES played videos showcasing their knowledge of Netsmart before and after their ten week program. The videos covered topics like Netsmart solutions, the EDM Foundation, and their expectations for the program this summer.

Meghan Gordon: Marketing FUTURE

This summer, I’ve had the privilege of working in Netsmart’s marketing department with an amazing team of individuals. I can honestly say I’ve learned more this summer than I could’ve ever hoped for. Coming into this internship, I had no idea what to expect, but was excited to begin working.

I quickly learned that Netsmart isn’t the type of place that gives its interns busy work. Instead, I hit the ground running, working on real projects that the company actually used. In my first week alone, I’d designed table tents, monitor graphics, and posters for the Netsmart 3.0 Town Hall and a Public Health Summit.

My role as a Marketing FUTURE was wide-ranging, allowing me to explore a number of my interests. One day, I’d be designing signage for an event, and the next I’d be reviewing the viability our Success Stories or editing NetsmartLife blog content.

This week, our entire FUTURES class has spent a lot of time preparing for the FUTURES Strut. Tomorrow, all thirty-one FUTURES will gather to present our work. Not many companies are willing to clear an entire afternoon so the company, including our Executives, could learn about the impact the FUTURES have had on Netsmart this summer. The Strut really reinforces the idea that Netsmart cares about the work its FUTURES do.

Thank you, Netsmart for this amazing opportunity to learn and grow my skills. Lastly, I would like to thank my mentor, Laura Schoonover, and the entire Marketing Department for welcoming me into the Netsmart Family and making these past ten weeks unforgettable.

John Poorman: Delivery Analyst FUTURE

The past ten weeks have been a great experience for me in terms of learning about Netsmart as a career choice. This has been my first internship, and it’s exceeded all my expectations. I have grown as an individual throughout the course of this summer. I’ve gotten real-world experience in a professional environment that has about a million different moving parts, all of which contribute to Netsmart being the leader in their industry. This has helped me develop my communication and time management skills greatly. I have worked on a couple different projects since completing my training and have been preparing for our Futures Strut. Throughout these projects, I feel that I have been able to keep my priorities in line and stay productive.

I jumped around to a couple of different teams until I ended up working with Morgan Meyer, Nick Butler and fellow FUTURE, Santosh Dandi, on the Centers team.  As a group, we have put together documentation over the implementation of add-ons in Avatar and Evolv (I have personally only worked on the Avatar side). These documents are beneficial to associates because it gives them a guide over their implementation. It leads them through the process from pre-kick-off all the way through Go Live. These documents will also help answer any questions the Netsmart associate may have, as well as questions the client may have.

The thing that stuck out to me the most this summer was our Mental Health First Aid Certification EDM Day. I’ll be able to apply the information I learned in that class throughout my life in order to help others. A couple days ago, an email went out offering associates the opportunity to attend the class. I highly recommend signing up!

I am very thankful for the opportunity to work at Netsmart. I have absolutely loved how welcoming and friendly the associates and other FUTURES have been over the past ten weeks. I’d like to say thank you to everyone who has helped me grow as an individual. I cannot wait to share my experience with others!

Netsmart FUTURES- Week Eight

Week eight of the FUTURES program is wrapping up and our FUTURES are hard at work in preparation for their upcoming “Strut” presentation. This week, our Great River FUTURES participated in an EDM Day. On Wednesday, the FUTURES also had a chance to sit down with the Netsmart Executive Cabinet during a Q&A panel, where they learned a lot about Netsmart, its values and its corporate culture. This week, Ameer, Shelby, Skyler and Chante discuss their Netsmart experience thus far.

Ameer Malik: Software Engineer FUTURE

Netsmart Technologies has given me quite a memorable summer. For the past eight weeks I have been working side-by-side on two projects. One of which will impact clients using the Avatar platform, and one which I have been working on alongside three team members will be used internally to schedule mobile meetings on a daily basis. Both projects have given me the opportunity to utilize the skills I’ve learned in the past three years from Java development to Project Management.

The team projects as well as the individual projects were organized in such a manner where I was able to work independently to develop a fully functioning utility that will be useful to our clients. Ashley DeMond and Cathy Mirabella, along with the rest of Netsmart Technologies, have done an excellent job organizing the program as well as having events to ensure our time in Great River was enjoyable. From lunch on our first day at an oyster bar to Coding at the beach, thank you for your organization and hard work!

Our EDM event in the Bronx this week was a great success. We had 12 volunteers at one of the Jewish Board’s programs, the Bronx REAL PROs to help clients with career building exercises as well as working on community projects to beautify the area around the facility. It was a privilege to get a tour of the facility and interact with clients and hear their stories and see first-hand how our software helps make a difference in someone’s life. Additionally, we spent time talking to the leaders of the program to assess how we can better serve them in our software and volunteering efforts. Overall the Netsmart program has helped me build and excel on skills taught to me in the classroom setting and has helped me grow by introducing me to new technologies used in the industry today.

Lastly, I would like to thank my mentors, Jeff Satterley and Russ Plitt, for giving me this opportunity and for their countless hours of assistance during these ten weeks and my Avatar team for making these ten short weeks feel like home. Thank you!

On Thursday, July 28, our Great River FUTURES participated in an EDM Day in the Bronx.

Shelby Slocum: Business Development Representative FUTURE

The entirety of the Netsmart FUTURE Program has been nothing short of heuristic. There’s been a considerable transformation with the entire FUTURES group. I came to Netsmart with a knowledge basis strictly in acute care; I now find myself holding conversations on a daily basis about behavioral health and the changes that need to happen in that particular space.

Alluding to sales, I had no idea where to even begin to build a basis around the idea. My manager, Bryan, and the team have completely turned those thoughts around. I had the opportunity to take the “tour of Missouri” with Levi Hunter and Bryan Backenstoss to shadow and conduct discovery sessions with potential clients for four days. Inevitably, I picked up the business and sales lingo in the first couple days on the trip. Obviously, there is always more learning to do, but I’m unsure that I would’ve been provided with this extent of knowledge and experiences in any other organization. It didn’t stop there.

This last week was “Sync Week.” Just when I thought I had touched on the basis of sales and behavioral health, I was proved wrong. Watching all of the client development teams present their previous quarter activities truly motivated me. These associates have drive. I was able to see the numerous sales strategies these people have developed and continue to develop overtime in order to continue the success of Netsmart and their career.

Enough about work, the FUTURE Program has provided many friendships that will last a lifetime. We started out only attending formal events that were put on by Netsmart, but now, we are all eager to plan informal events each week. Living with all of the other FUTURES in the apartment complex has really pushed those friendships, and for that, we are all fortunate.

Netsmart has created a phenomenal program; keep doing what you’re doing.

Skyler Tangney-Centor: Software Engineer FUTURE

Here we are, the home stretch of the summer.  Its week eight of the FUTURES program and I can’t believe it’s almost over already.  It seems like just yesterday that I was in Kansas with the other FUTURES from Great River, and now we are getting ready to head back to wrap things up.  This summer has been one that I will never forget and on top of that, it has probably been the most useful summer I have had to date.

I was not expecting to be lucky enough to have an internship this summer, let alone one that has taught me so much.  I realize now how lucky I am to not only get an internship, but to be a part of a program like this one.  Coming into this job I had no idea what to expect. Actually, the only thing I did expect was that I would be pretty useless and the “work” that I would be doing would be meaningless and never looked at again.  I could not have been more wrong.

Since day one, I have been treated like a member of the Netsmart family and not just in the way of pleasantries.  At first I thought everyone was crazy for trusting me with the work I was doing, what if I broke something or deleted code on accident, but no one else seemed to be worried that I was going to make a mistake.  This atmosphere made it very easy to ask questions when I felt confused and actually produce code and solutions to real world problems that our clients were facing.

I hit the ground running on my first day back in New York.  Prior to starting work, my mentor sent me some information on the projects I would be working on so I could brush up my skills.  So I came in ready to work with our databases and write some queries, but my mentor informed me that there was a wee bit of a “fire” that needed to be put out and that was my real first project.  I was a little worried because I hadn’t done anything with web services prior to this and hadn’t really learned how to use them in the weeks prior.  My mentor was very helpful and got me on track and helped me find the proper resources to be successful.  Since then I’ve been working with the Guardiant team as well as developing a mobile application to book rooms with the other FUTURES.

Living in Long Island is a lot different than upstate New York.  Our house is right next to the beach, so after work we can step out our front door and into the sand.  The beach is nice and taking work to the beach was very interesting.  It was fun to get out of the office and hang out and get to know everyone and everyone had a nice afternoon.  My laptop is still a little sandy and sunburnt however.

Aside from the beach we recently had our EDM day at the Bronx Real program.  We went out to the Bronx for the day and volunteered at workshops.  I helped with some mock interviews and we also helped on a beautification project and mulched some trees outside the building.  The whole day was a great experience.  It was interesting to see the programs that were offered and that they were completing in the community.   It was also nice to hear how one of our clients actually uses the software we provide and get feedback on how they like it.  It has been a great summer and I look forward to the rest of it.

Our Great River FUTURES take their work to the beach in Long Island.

Chante Thompson: Delivery Analyst FUTURE

Week eight already, huh? Time has flown by and I would not trade this summer for anything. In this short amount of time I have accomplished so much and seen my fellow FUTURES peers grow with me. The FUTURES program from the Consulting side started with 5 weeks of intense training so that we could get exposed to anything and everything that we needed to know. After completing training we ventured our way into our perspective floors and found our homes at our desks.

Post training I was assigned to work on a project with Samara Nash and many others. It has been an adventure so far. I am working on a variety of things for the team and being exposed to a ton. This week alone I am working on documentation for End User training. I love that I am given this opportunity. I know the outcome of the hard work is going to be rewarding sooner than later. Just the thought of my work being used not only in the near future gives me chills but the fact that it is going to be used soon is an overwhelming feeling. I am excited to continue working with the team and offering as much as I can before my time is up.

Along with working with my team, I am currently working with my fellow peers on our presentation for our Strut presentation. Everything is coming along nicely and it has been a pleasure to come together as one to collaborate and make this a Strut to remember.

I have enjoyed the journey through the FUTURES program and have nothing but positive things to say. I have felt so welcomed by everyone in the company and they have spoiled us to death. I would say my biggest worry before my first day was just being another number in a company’s system. But I have been blown away about how untrue it is with Netsmart. I can walk up to anyone and they strike up a conversation. Or I can go up to anyone for help and they make the time to clear anything up for me. You do not find that a lot of places, so thankful to be put in that kind of environment. I have developed a new family.

I cannot wait to take everything that I have learn to Kansas State University. I have so much I have gained that I want to share with others.

Take 5 – Netsmart Demand Generation

Demand Generation is responsible for supplying Netsmart in excess of 10,000 leads a year. A third of all of Netsmart’s company pipeline originates from Demand Gen. How do they do it? It’s no simple task. It involves more than a dozen marketing channels which are monitored, analyzed and developed by this creative and focused group in Great River, New York. In our latest Take 5 video series, we take you inside The Demand Gen Office …

New Associates Dedicated to a Cause! #edm


The newest hiring classes from Evolv, Addiction Management, and VRS are hosting a donation drive to help the children in need at KVC Health Systems.  As new associates, we would like to give our time and efforts back to the communities and clients we serve as an organization.   Being a part of a company that believes EveryDay Matters and is not just a mantra, is a honor. The newest hiring classes would like to show the community how much Netsmart can truly contribute, not only by putting passion into the work that we do but in the acts of kindness we, as a company, actively pursue.

Continue reading New Associates Dedicated to a Cause! #edm

Happy Thanksgiving from Team Netsmart!


Happy Thanksgiving from Team Netsmart!

Are you up for a challenge? Every year we see posts on social media outlets about what people are thankful for during the holiday season. This season WE challenge you to express your gratitude with words AND live by them! ‪#‎ntst‬ ‪#‎blog‬ ‪#‎gotgratitude

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” ~ John Fitzgerald Kennedy Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving from Team Netsmart!

A nice time for reflection… Out of the Darkness Walk KC!

2014-10-04 11.46.30

I think the thing that struck me the most is how sad it is that there were so many people there.  The fact that there are that many people that have been impacted by suicide is heartbreaking…and some of those folks were impacted multiple times.  Except for the high winds, it was a very beautiful day and the walk around the park was very serene.  A nice time for reflection.  Continue reading A nice time for reflection… Out of the Darkness Walk KC!

We are family… Coffee, conversation and building new friendships!

20140930_093411_resized (2)

Coffee, conversation and building new friendships…

Here at Netsmart we like to be “unique”. We are not going to be like the other cookie cut outs and it may not appear to be all neat and clean around the edges, but that is how we like it.   I am coming up on my one year anniversary here at Netsmart and I have been reflecting on my time here. What makes us different? What are my struggles and is it possible that others are feeling the same? The phrase “we move at the speed of thought” rings in my ears daily. As a new associate I own my own success. I want to be in the driver seat and I hope others feel the same. With that said, Netsmart Managers and Peer contacts own this process as well. Peer contacts and managers are the front line for our newbies. A peer contact can be a resource, a crutch and the sounding board. As a peer contact you are able to bridge the gap between being overwhelmed with information overload. Continue reading We are family… Coffee, conversation and building new friendships!

Netsmart’s Lisle Team take STEPS for Suicide Prevention


In the United States, a person dies by suicide every 13.3 minutes, claiming more than 39,500 lives each year. It is estimated that an attempt is made every minute, with close to one million people attempting suicide annually. Continue reading Netsmart’s Lisle Team take STEPS for Suicide Prevention

Campus Recruiting Update: Interview Marathons


Phew…. What a week! 59 candidates, 27 Netsmartians, 226 interviews, and an enormous amount of coffee later this week has been our biggest group of onsite visits for college students to date…. And we could not have been more proud of the talent that came on site to get to know us better. Continue reading Campus Recruiting Update: Interview Marathons

Cause Connected in Kansas City!

Team Netsmart

It’s a cause connected week here in Overland Park.  I wanted to take a moment to highlight three events happening locally.  Each offers a unique opportunity for us to connect with the cause we serve.  Our show of support is essential in the campaign to make a difference, most importantly it let’s those who are directly impacted know that we are here in the pursuit of health, wellness and recovery for all. – Tom Herzog, Netsmart COO   Continue reading Cause Connected in Kansas City!