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The Traveling Gnomes

Our EveryDayMatters Gnomes recently made a trip from Kansas City (where they were busy raising funds for EveryDayMatters  via the “Give A Gnome a Home” fundraiser), to our Long Island, New York office.  Once they made it to Long Island they connected with April, one of our awesome, QA Architects…and she was kind enough to take them on a New England adventure.

Day 1: The gnomes are having a wonderful vacation in NH. Tomorrow they will be going to Maine, so expect more fun pictures. For now, they are going to get some sleep, as little guys, they need a lot of rest.


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Week 8: Collaboration and Creation


Week 8 is here, signifying that the end is near. It feels like it came in no time at all! The end of the internship represents many things: the end of summer, a return to the coursework of college, a close to our learning experience at Netsmart.

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Week 7: Planning and Filming and Finalizing, Oh My!



With only three weeks left in the FUTURES program, it seems like the past seven weeks have flown by.  Along with having a blast participating in Netsmart and FUTURE activities, discussed in previous blogs, we have been hard at work planning, filming, and finalizing our strut presentation video. Continue reading Week 7: Planning and Filming and Finalizing, Oh My!

The Netsmart Way.

12SPencer Noyes

The Netsmart way. There are many things that one could perceive from this statement. Yesterday the Netsmart way was to excite all the futures with a free lunch and also a little behind the scenes learning session with Matthew Arnheiter over the product life cycle. All though we didn’t make it through Matthew’s entire presentation we still learned a lot. We learned how much money is spent by our government and insurance companies (Billions!) but the results don’t come close to their expenses. We also talked about the idea of preventative health, and how much it could reduce many of the expenses if people were being seen by doctors regularly and not just when they feel sick or if something’s wrong.

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