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We are family… Coffee, conversation and building new friendships!

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Coffee, conversation and building new friendships…

Here at Netsmart we like to be “unique”. We are not going to be like the other cookie cut outs and it may not appear to be all neat and clean around the edges, but that is how we like it.   I am coming up on my one year anniversary here at Netsmart and I have been reflecting on my time here. What makes us different? What are my struggles and is it possible that others are feeling the same? The phrase “we move at the speed of thought” rings in my ears daily. As a new associate I own my own success. I want to be in the driver seat and I hope others feel the same. With that said, Netsmart Managers and Peer contacts own this process as well. Peer contacts and managers are the front line for our newbies. A peer contact can be a resource, a crutch and the sounding board. As a peer contact you are able to bridge the gap between being overwhelmed with information overload. Continue reading We are family… Coffee, conversation and building new friendships!

Work Hard, Play Hard… Observations from New Hire Orientation


I had the pleasure and honor of providing the executive welcome to the new hire start group today. During the dialogue I asked the group how they learned about Netsmart and why they wanted to work at Netsmart. A number of the responses were expected… I have a friend here… I hear it’s a good place to work… I was looking for a company that was growing. One new associate said that Netsmart was recommended to her by a friend who is a Netsmart associate and told “everybody works hard here”. The new associate said that is why she wanted to join Netsmart. I thought it was a great response and reminds me that everybody does work hard here because the work that we do is hard. That’s why we choose to be here. To do work that is hard and to do it well. Here’s to working hard and playing hard!

Doug Abel, EVP Solutions Delivery