Leaning into Empowerment on International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is a global day to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political women’s achievements across the world. This year, the theme for International Women’s Day is #ChooseToChallenge. By empowering the women around us we can all choose to challenge ourselves and each other to celebrate women’s achievements and foster a world of inclusivity.   

At Netsmart, we are privileged to be surrounded by and work alongside a team of incredible women. Our female leaders encourage our team to be passionate, take risks, and create a vision inside and outside of the workplace. Watch the video below to hear how women at Netsmart provide insight into ways they demonstrate Netsmart values in their own leadership style, encourage associates to embrace our values, share lessons learned throughout their career and their own best practices for balancing work and personal time. 

Putting the Spotlight on Our Innovators During National Engineers Week

In recognition of National Engineers Week, we’re highlighting the backgrounds of five Netsmart engineers! Whether working in our Overland Park, Springfield or Great River office, their invaluable work supports our overarching mission to equip providers with seamless, secure and intuitive technology.

Continue reading to hear how each associate found their passion for the field and what they enjoy most about being an engineer at Netsmart.

We appreciate the work of all our engineers this and every other week of the year.

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A Veterans Day Recognition to Remember

This Veterans Day, Netsmart and three associates who served our nation— Senior Manager, Plexus Cloud, Paul Santulli; Talent Acquisition Manager Gary Brown; and Technical Project Manager Hosting–Infrastructure Kyle Kesler—will virtually accept the 2020 Corporate Guardian Award from St. Michael’s Veterans Center (SMVC). Annually, individuals, organizations and companies across the Kansas City metro are recognized for their efforts to improve the lives of veterans in the community.

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October 16th is National Boss’s Day!

In honor of National Boss’s Day, we are expressing our gratitude and appreciation for our Netsmart bosses and other supervisors in our organization. At Netsmart, we are surrounded by dedicated leaders who encourage collaboration, teamwork and motivate us to strive for a better future together. They are leaders and teachers.

Day after day, Netsmart proves to be one of the best companies to work for and this foundation of excellence starts with our leaders and mentors. Netsmart leaders help us take risks, create meaningful relationships with clients, live our values and develop a passion for what we do. When our hard work comes together, our mantra, people matter, becomes more than words—it becomes reality for the Netsmart family.

Our appreciation extends to our managers and supervisors today and every day. TODAY is your DAY! We can’t think of a better possible time to celebrate our bosses, as National Boss’s Day falls right after CONNECTIONS2020 and the start of a new quarter! All our Netsmart bosses demonstrate hard work and dedication that is deserving of ongoing celebration.

Once a year isn’t enough to express our gratitude for all the great work our Netsmart leaders do. Thank you to all our managers, supervisors and other leaders for everything you do for Netsmart and for us! We appreciate each of you and wish you the best National Boss’s Day!

The Suicide Warning Signs You Need to Address

Suicide is not an easy topic to discuss. It’s scary, uncomfortable and incredibly sensitive. But if you suspect someone is considering suicide, initiating a conversation is crucial. As nationwide deaths by suicide continue to rise, increasing awareness needs to be a priority.

Individuals with suicidal intentions often exhibit observable warning signs. Your ability to recognize these signs could help save a life. Speak up, reach out and educate yourself so you can help someone in need. Continue reading to review 11 common warning signs of suicidal behavior.

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Sharing Reflections As We Say Farewell to Our First Group of Virtual FUTURES

As we continue to navigate the uncertainty 2020 brings, we’re grateful we had the opportunity to spend the summer with 39 Netsmart FUTURES. While the experience differed from years past, it still offered each student the opportunity to join meaningful projects, gain real world experience and apply the knowledge they’ve learned in the classroom.

Preparing students for the next step in their careers is just one of the many positive outcomes of this program. Watch the video below, as eight 2020 FUTURES share about their six weeks with Netsmart during the first ever virtual internship program

Guiding Our FUTURES Forward

The FUTURES program is built to “develop innovators and dreamers for the Netsmart of tomorrow.” Interns are called FUTURES because they are the future of Netsmart. FUTURES are given a project to work on throughout the summer, followed by a chance to “strut” what they’ve learned before the program ends. The goal is to allow students to grow their passion within Netsmart, learn new professional and leadership skills and collaborate among each other.

Over the years, the FUTURES program has almost doubled in size and includes students in areas of consulting, marketing, HR, finance and engineering. We spoke with previous FUTURES who are now Netsmart associates to share about their experiences and what they would recommend to those who are joining the program for the first time.

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Brightening 2020 with our FUTURES’ Arrival

2020 has been a year of adaptation, teaching us all to remain agile and make the best of the opportunities presented to us. One of the biggest changes this year has been transitioning to a virtual workforce, which includes the Netsmart summer internship program. Our FUTURES are leveraging their technical expertise to adapt to our first fully virtual summer internship.

Check out the Q&A below to learn more about some of our FUTURES and their digital experience so far here at Netsmart.

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Meet the Clinicians: Kelli Heathman

We are privileged to work with many associates who have firsthand clinical experience. These talented individuals work together with our technology teams and clients to ensure we’re delivering solutions that work in the real world – not just the testing lab.

In this series, we spotlight individuals who now apply their skills and wealth of knowledge to meet and exceed the needs of our clients.

Kelli Heathman – Talent Acquisition Partner

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Generosity Unmasked

As many of us continue to work virtually from the safety of our homes, many individuals do not have that option. Many of our friends, family and peers are working at the forefront of COVID-19. Without proper personal protective equipment (PPE), people with jobs deemed “essential,” especially in the medical field, are potentially exposed to the virus just by going into work every day. Not to mention the shortage of PPE in many places, therefore not everyone has access to necessary face masks, shields and other protective gear.

With this shortage in mind, Netsmart associate Nicole Slaughter gathered supplies and took matters into her own hands. Slaughter and her husband worked to support frontline employees who are courageously serving our communities during this difficult time.

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