Meet Mary Gannon – Netmart’s Chief Nursing Officer


At Netmart, we have talented, experienced associates and we’re proud of it. The first installation of our “Meet the Clinicians” series focuses on Mary Gannon, our Chief Nursing Officer and Director, Product Management. Mary is one of many associates who bring lots of experience and insight to Netsmart which provides us the opportunity to develop our solutions for real-life, everyday use. Learn more about Mary and her incredible experience on CareThreads.

ICYMI – Overland Park Goody Delivery Featured on Kansas City News

Each week, a group of individuals with Heartstrings Community Foundation stops by our Overland Park, Kan., office to give our associates a chance to indulge in tasty treats. Their Goody Delivery service visits the office on Wednesdays and the program provides an opportunity for individuals with developmental disabilities to work and develop skills for everyday life. Check out their segment on KSHB!

Netsmart Gives Nod to Female Technology Pioneer

It’s no secret that Ngrace_hopperetsmart takes pride in being a leader in providing electronic health record solutions to human services and post-acute communities. We strive every day to move forward on our path to success and aim to remain aware of how history has grown and shaped our industry. As part of this understanding, we have honored a variety of ground-breaking individuals in the fields of technology and science in our Netsmart offices. Among those pioneers is notable Navy Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper. She was a true asset to public service and to the development of modern technology and we’re proud to honor her.

Check out our feature about Hopper and her tremendous contributions to our industry on CareThreads.


Past FUTURE to Present: Laura Schoonover Uses Talent to Raise Awareness About Mental Illness

It’s no secret that our associates are amazing and talented and Netsmart Junior Graphic Designer Laura Schoonover is no exception. From her early days as a Netsmart FUTURE (our version of an intern) to her current role, Laura has been able to put her artistic skills to good use. Adding that to her desire to help others, she has created a meaningful chalk mural about the significance of Mental Health First Aid training.

After graduating from college, Laura turned down three job offers and chose to participate in Netsmart’s FUTURES summer internship program, which provides participants real-life, hands-on experience in business and technology. She says she enjoyed the opportunity to work on active projects in the company and was able to jump in feet first into the Netsmart family. Her transition from being a FUTURE to becoming a full-time associate was quick and easy, thanks to the relationships and experience she gained through the program.

As part of her continuing growth at Netsmart, Laura participated in training and became certified in Mental Health First Aid through the National Council for Behavioral Health. She was inspired to get certified because she knows that there are a lot of misconceptions about mental illness and wanted to learn more about how to approach those who may be suffering.laura-schoonover-chalk-drawing-fb-2-10-17

“I have a relative who struggles with mental illness and a friend who struggles with anxiety and anxious thoughts and feelings,” Laura said.  “I knew that there was more to mental illness than the stereotypes, and I wanted to learn more about how to make the most of my interactions with them without crossing any lines that could cause them to push themselves away from me.”

Netsmart likes to tell visual stories about healthcare and technology and Laura wanted to share her experience with others.  “I definitely wanted viewers to be able to look at this design and think about the signs and symptoms that stood out to me and affect so many people. I wanted them to recognize those symptoms and become interested in learning more about mental illness and what they can do to help those who are affected by it.”

Laura hopes that her creation creates awareness and thoughtfulness in others to keep an eye out for signs and symptoms of a mental health crisis. She also hopes that it inspires other associates to learn more about mental illness and to get certified in Mental Health First Aid.

By building a solid foundation through the FUTURES program, her incredible artistry and her commitment to growth by becoming Mental Health First Aid certified, Laura has provided all of us with a stunning reminder about our foundation of being cause connected and passionate about mental health support.

Netsmart Wears Red for Heart Health Month

In honor of Heart Health Month, Netsmart associates from across the country gathered for National Wear Red Day on Friday, Feb. 3. The day was established in 2003 by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute and the American Heart Association in support of the National Heart Association’s Go Red for Women campaign. National Wear Red Day helps to bring national attention to the fact that heart disease is the #1 killer of women, and to raise awareness of women’s heart health.

Netsmart employees from Overland Park, Kan., Ozark, M. Great Rivers, NY., and Dublin, Ohio., donned red apparel to show their support for the heart health of women everywhere.


Rolling Snacks in Netsmart’s Great River Office is Truly a Treat

It seems like another ordinary day – our Netsmart associates are working in the office when an individual stops by and asks them if they’d like to buy a snack. Some kindly decline and while others take the opportunity to purchase an afternoon nibble. A transaction is completed and the person moves on to the next desk, making friendly conversation with everyone along the way. Seems pretty average, right? The truth is, with every sale, our associates are helping that individual grow, one snack at a time.rolling-snacks-billy-2

Meet Billy, a 21-year-old with autism who runs Rolling Snacks, a snack cart that sells treats to associates at our Great River, N.Y. office. Every two weeks Billy stocks his cart with sweet and savory snacks ranging from five cents to $2, giving associates a nice opportunity to refuel during the day.

The idea of buying snacks in the office isn’t a new concept to Netsmart. Our Overland Park, Kan. headquarters features Goody Delivery through Heartstrings Community Foundation, which inspired Great River to seek out a similar opportunity in their community. Through associate connections, Billy was approached and agreed to take part in this exciting business prospect and Rolling Snacks was born. It provides Billy with opportunities to be social and treated like he wants to be treated – as an adult.

Billy sells his snacks at cost, so he doesn’t make a profit, but the socializing and skills he’s developing are priceless. Each transaction gives him the opportunity to practice everyday life skills such as making change and keeping track of inventory. When he’s not operating his snack cart, Billy attends a program three days a week where he can focus on subjects like math and English as well as daily living and interpersonal skills.

His pleasant and friendly attitude makes the day of each and every one he meets. He says that he loves coming to Netsmart and that he has made a lot of new friends since he started working at our office. Associates agree that Billy is a great addition and look forward to his visits.

As part of Netsmart’s commitment be involved with and support our local communities, we take pride in supporting programs and opportunities that help those with autism and other mental or behavioral disorders. We are excited to welcome Billy and we are honored to have the opportunity to work with him.

Holiday Traditions

Netsmart associates enjoy celebrating this special time of year. We wanted to share with you some of our associate’s holiday traditions. We hope that you and your loved ones have a safe, happy and joyful holiday season!

Bill Schulhoff, Manager, Methadone Systems

While Christmas has many traditions in my fdollaramily, my favorite is putting crumpled dollars
bills into the Christmas stockings of each of my children.  It began years ago, with me really crumpling (into as tiny a wad possible) dollar bills for each of my children’s stockings and watching them root around their stocking stuffers to dig them out and smooth the wrinkles out. What started as a joke has evolved to include spouses and become our own family tradition.

Belinda Baldus, Business Analyst, Marketing – Product Management

I absolutely love the Holidays- the lights, sounds, smells, the hustle and bustle –even though it can be stressful I also find it energizing. I love cooking and my family has favorite dishes that we love so much that I often make them throughout the year, so our holiday meals are full of new recipes a virtual smorgasbord of flavor and variety. Another favorite tradition is my vast collection of very special Christmas ornaments- many of which were collected while traveling. Every year, when I carefully unwrap my ornaments it becomes a trip down memory lane. I am now passing on these memories to my grandchildren.

Juanita Brooks- Daniel, Solution Support Analyst

Christmas is absolutely one of my favorite times of year! We have so many small traditions as a family – decorating the house, going to Christmas Eve Service, making cookies and brownies on Christmas Eve (and eating them LOL), going out to visit family in our footed PJ’s and occasionally getting the raised eyebrow when my 6’4” husband gets out of the car for gas wearing his footed superman fully equipped with cape PJ’s.   marleyOne tradition that was sadly retired last year was the play I was in for 7 years running “A Modern Day Christmas Carol” (enjoy the photo of me “Joan Marley” warning Scrooge to change her evil ways).  Have Blessed and Safe Holiday Season! Merry Christmas!

Robert Guy, Senior Software Engineer mother-and-daughters

Growing up, my family opened our gifts to each other Christmas Eve, and Santa’s gifts Christmas morning.  I actually like my wife’s family tradition of the kids opening up pajama’s Christmas Eve (we are always surprised when we find out that’s what the boxes contain!), and opening the rest of the gifts Christmas day.  We’re still waiting for our first pair of Easter Bunny pajamas . . .

Nanette Cecchi, Manager, Evolv Support 

pizzEvery year for the past 29 years we make Pizza Rustica.  My husband and I started making it when we were engaged and have since gotten the kids involved.  There are many layers and we each take a turn preparing and adding a layer.  Since my son has moved out, he has asked for the recipe and I am sure will continue on the tradition.  Even though the pizza is delicious, this dish is more about spending time with family and having fun during our Christmas preparations.

Evan Kuo, Centered Client Alignmentphoto

My family celebrates Christmas Day with a White Elephant gift exchange. Every present must be under $25 and to participate you have to bring a gift. Often times the gifts are so creatively fun that they are locked on the third swap. So last year I autographed a photo of myself and put it in a new frame and to my surprise it was traded the maximum amount of times. It now resides on my cousin’s desk at his office!


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