Meet Kathryn… 2014 Talent and Culture FUTURE Introduction


Hi everyone! Welcome again to the Netsmart Life Blog! My name is Kathryn MacGregor, and I am the Talent and Culture Intern for the summer. Stay tuned to join us on our 10 week summer adventure of laughs and learning at Netsmart! This summer we welcome several interns as guest writers, to write about each of our events and updates to hear several different perspectives.

We already kicked off our summer with the College Basketball experience last week at the Sprint Center, and will continue with an Instagram scavenger hunt at the Kansas City Country Club Plaza later this week. During the 10 weeks, there are many planned social events, “Lunch-n-Learns,” a volunteer day, and two days of sendoff events at the end of the summer.

Kathryn MacGregor, Talent & Culture FUTURE

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