Hello fellow Netsmartians! My name is Sarah Sauer, and I am a new Delivery Analyst Avatar Future here at Netsmart. This first week of training has been an interesting one, but overall I could not be happier to be here.

I first came upon Netsmart when I was researching employers coming to the Oklahoma State career fair last fall. Being a Nutritional Sciences Pre-Medicine major, there weren’t many options applicable to me. Netsmart, however, caught my eye due to its close relationship with the healthcare field. I researched the company website, and sought out their booth on the day of the event.

I was pleasantly surprised with the friendly demeanor and great conversation the representative provided. Although he was honest with me that the internship dealt with a different side of the medical field than the one I was studying, he assured me that anyone could find their fit within the company. He promised to hold on to my resume, and I left soon after, Netsmart pens in hand.

Then, seven months later towards the end of May, I got a surprise email from Sandra DeStitger of Netsmart Human Resources. She informed me there was an opening for a consulting intern position, and asked if I might still be interested. Thrilled to hear from her, I told her I would love to learn more about Netsmart and set up a call for a few days later. Then, after discussing with her more about the company and the opportunities it offered, we set up a visit to Overland Park for an interview.

Five days later I was on my way to Kansas City for the first time, excited to see what was in store. I met with three different Netsmart associates, and enjoyed each conversation I had. One thing that stuck out to me in particular was the sincerity and openness each individual reflected. I originally had chosen a doctoral path because I knew for my future career I wanted to serve others and feel proud of the person I was and the work I was doing. Netsmart appealed to those same interests. Built on a foundation of ethical values with the aspiration to help their clients and improve the health care system, I could tell Netsmart was a company different from many others. I left that morning with the hope that I might be lucky enough to receive a spot in the Futures summer program. When I received a call from the Netsmart Human Resources department offering me a position as a Delivery Analyst Future a week later, I accepted without any hesitation.

I feel very thankful and lucky to be here, and I cannot describe the generosity the company has shown to all of us as interns throughout the new hire training process. Not only has everyone warmly welcomed me, but they have also offered to help me as I learn about the solutions Netsmart provides. The Human Resources Department has planned several fun social events for interns, new hires, and the entirety of the company as a whole as well. On Monday, Netsmart rented the College Basketball Experience at the Sprint Center as a get to know you, and there are already a planned scavenger hunt, bowling/laser tag night, and several lunch n’ learns already on the agenda. As a Dallas native I was nervous that I would feel a bit lonely in my move here, however I already feel very much a part of the Netsmart family.

Lastly, as Futures we were encouraged to get involved and try to find our niche within the company. Personally loving sustainability, I’m hoping to do what I can to contribute that here. Although there is a recycle bin in the café, I feel there is great potential to improve the recycling efforts here at Netsmart. One of the many perks at Netsmart is that each associate is allowed to have as many free Keurigs as their heart desires. With all the work that goes on here you can bet that we go through quite a few, and although the Keurig cartons are easily recycled, I have noticed that many get thrown away just because there is no other easy option. I am hoping to kick-off a program collecting these by placing bins at each coffee station so that at the end of the week they can all be collected and recycled.

All in all, a week into my internship at Netsmart and it already feels like home. To all the associates I have met, thank you for being so kind, friendly, and helpful to all of us thus far. And to all those I haven’t met, I hope I get the chance to meet you very soon!

Thank you Netsmart for allowing us all to be here!

Until next time,
Sarah Sauer, Delivery Analyst FUTURE

Sarah and Gina at the 2014 FUTURES
Sarah and Gina at the 2014 FUTURES “Tip Off” at the Sprint Center in Kansas City.

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