FUTURES Scavenger Hunt on the Country Club Plaza… KC Style!

One of the most distinguished attributes about working at Netsmart is that everyone genuinely enjoys working together, and collectively everyone has a great time. This is an especially evident in the Futures program. Since the beginning of this one-of a-kind experience, I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the other Futures and having the opportunity to work closely with each person.

Yesterday, we had a scavenger hunt at the plaza in the downtown Kansas City area. This activity was every intern’s dream: friendly competition, an afternoon spent at the plaza, quality time with associates, food, and a Starbuck’s gift card (if you were a part of the winning team). The scavenger hunt was cleverly written with a multitude of clues that allowed us get to know the Kansas City area better, to be creative, and most importantly have fun with our peers. Examples of clues included:

  • Find a statue, mural or painting of a person, and every member of the group pose like it… Naturally, our team (Will you be Mike Valentine) decided to pose like the plaza’s local hog statue.


  • Find a rubber duck…Even if you have to buy one from Bath & Body Works just for the hope of winning the game.


  • I have two wings, but cannot fly. When you visit me I’ll in black tie… After all, who doesn’t love penguins?


  • Each one of you needs to make a new friend and tell them about EDM and take a picture with both of your green wristbands… Always finding a fun way to spread the word about Every Day Matters!


  • Find 3 stores have 3 different members of our executive cabinet name in the store name. It can be first or last name. (hint: CEO, COO, SVP- Engineering) Include their full name in a hashtag… This was my favorite clue and definitely required some creativity!
  • For Tom Herzog


  • For Michael Valentine

photo 2 (2)

  • For Michael Brand


To end the scavenger hunt, we ended up at Tomfooleries for some appetizers and time to socialize with all the Future’s. Or, if you were on the “Will you be Mike Valentine” team, it was time for us to talk about how we may not have placed first in the scavenger hunt, but we placed first in having the most fun. Overall it was such a great experience and in the end I consider us all winners because we get to work at Netsmart.

Delivery Analyst Future,
Claire Van Beek

2 thoughts on “FUTURES Scavenger Hunt on the Country Club Plaza… KC Style!”

  1. Love these clues! Do you have the rest? I’m trying to organize a teambuilding event for Wounded Warrior Project and this sounds like so much fun!

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