The Netsmart Way.

12SPencer Noyes

The Netsmart way. There are many things that one could perceive from this statement. Yesterday the Netsmart way was to excite all the futures with a free lunch and also a little behind the scenes learning session with Matthew Arnheiter over the product life cycle. All though we didn’t make it through Matthew’s entire presentation we still learned a lot. We learned how much money is spent by our government and insurance companies (Billions!) but the results don’t come close to their expenses. We also talked about the idea of preventative health, and how much it could reduce many of the expenses if people were being seen by doctors regularly and not just when they feel sick or if something’s wrong.

One of the bigger topics that has come up a few times that Matthew also mentioned was how to use technology to reduce inefficiency, we all can remember having to fill out form after form asking the same information about our health but yet every time you go back to the doctors or to a new doctor you were referred to there’s that same form waiting for you before your appointment. Something else we learned was that every 3 to 5 years they rewrite the avatar program, how many of our competitors can say that. All my life I have heard “If’s it’s not broke, don’t fix it”, but being the best means staying ahead of the competition.

We’ve only been here a few weeks now, but every day is different than the day before. Every day we are learning new things about our company and our industry. It’s pretty awesome to be a part of a company that takes not just steps, but leaps to developing new solutions and making our clients lives easier so they have all the time they need to focus on what really matters, their patients. Because if you couldn’t tell by all the green wristbands, Every Day Matters!

Spencer Noyes, Sale Operation FUTURE

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