Jim Gargiulo welcomes 2014 #ntstfutures to Netsmart!

My name is Jim Gargiulo and I work in the Client Organization, leading efforts to ensure the company is in alignment with its clients. In my many years at Netsmart I’ve filled many roles, starting in consulting as a project manager, leading implementation teams, demonstrating our solutions, writing proposals, developing and then leading the sales organization.

In my almost 30 years of work here at Netsmart, I’ve learned that goal achievement is often a team sport. Our company growth goals are all about adding new companies to the Netsmart community; developing road maps and introducing new solutions to our clients.

To do this, everyone at Netsmart is involved:

  • Product management ensures our solutions are compliant, meaningfully used and responsive to client needs
  • Engineering looks always into the future and leads the way in innovation; while enhancing and expanding the breadth of our current solution offerings
  • Plexus Technologies and Consulting seek to reduce the overall total cost of ownership by offering cloud based services, implementing proscriptive and repeatable deployment methods and revenue cycle management services
  • The Client Experience team ensures we meet our solution support and maintenance obligations, keeping our clients on the path to success with their Netsmart solution
  • Business development and marketing seek new paths for growth while telling our story to the communities we serve

We are fortunate in the client development (new client acquisition) and alignment (keeping strong relationships with our current clients) organization to take advantage of this team effort. Our relatively small group of Client Alignment and Development Executives (under 60) in a company of over 700 associates needs everyone to help us meet our bookings goals. Hence “everybody sells”.

Perhaps the best way to show this is that every client engagement involves some aspect of communicating a point of view (“selling”), for example:

  • Explaining to a client how a function works the way it was designed
  • Asking a client to be an edge partner for a future innovation and explaining what it means, what we expect as part of the relationship
  • Reminding a client of their contractual payment obligations
  • Inviting a client to a strategic Think Day Meeting
  • Asking a client to attend or be part of the Connections program
  • Taking a client over the finish line of a project and into production
  • Helping a client take advantage of a grant or other funding opportunity
  • Asking a client to support a legislative initiative
  • Asking a client to serve as a reference for another organization looking at Netsmart as a future partner

And while none of these actions alone may not seem like “selling”, they play an important part of our Clients’ and Netsmart’s success. In the client organization, our path to success is contingent on intentional, directional and specific points of view. Without them our path takes us nowhere.

So, you may ask, how do I sell for Netsmart?

In so many ways, it’s all about wanting to learn, common sense and listening to what’s happening around you. Here are several:

  • Understand the communities we serve; by community I mean programs that focus specifically on services to our fellow humans
  • Spend time in a human services setting, see what our clients do everyday
  • Read about the accountable care act and how it impacts the clients we serve: meaningful use, ICD10 and care coordination are important to our clients
  • Know what our solutions do (not necessarily how they work); the more you know how our solutions map to the needs of the client, the more valuable you are to our clients and the more you can add to the conversation
  • Ask questions, you likely won’t understand half of what is being said in the short time you’ve been here, so listen intently and probe; it’s the fastest path to understanding

In closing, all of us here at Netsmart value to opportunity to have you join us this summer as a “Future”. Take advantage of your time here with your eyes and ears wide open, there is an incredible amount of talent amongst the associates with whom you are working and all around you.

Good luck and come back when you finish your studies.

Jim Gargiulo

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