KVC FUTURES Visit – Every Day Matters Volunteer Day


On June 26th, all of the Futures got together for an onsite client visit to the KVC Prairie Ridge Hospital in Kansas City. While we were there, not only did we get to learn a little bit more about how our solutions impact lives every day, we also got to hang out with some of the kids there and do some team building exercises on a challenge course.

To start off the day, we had to challenge ourselves mentally and physically. For warm ups, we pretended we worked at a peanut butter factory. All of the Futures were able to just be silly, stretch by putting on our “factory suits” and “cleaning out the vats,” then participate in a warm up tag activity, where once frozen, you had to kneel and pretend to be a toilet. After, we started the team building exercises, where we had to rely on and trust our partner(s) to sit and stand up as one cohesive group. Then it was off to the challenge course! We were split into two groups, where we had to brainstorm and use each other’s strengths and weaknesses to succeed in the various activities, which helped us get to know each other a little more and grow closer, in some of the courses, extremely close.

During lunch, we were able to listen to James Roberson, Director of Programs and Training Initiatives, speak about how the Avatar solution has impacted their hospital, and the kids. From him, we were able to learn about the kids’ lives before, during, and after their stays with the hospital, as well as the law changes that have taken place, forcing the hospital to change their processes, and how that has benefitted the kids. They now only have to spend 6 days in the hospital at a time before they are moved to a real residential home (still part of the hospital.) As far as Avatar goes, the implementation has saved the hospital time, space, and money. The hospital used to have rooms full of paper, and specific jobs where people would pull and analyze the data to create graphs. Once the graphs were actually ready, there would be more data for them to use, and it was a never ending process. With the implementation of Avatar, the rooms are gone and information they need is ready in minutes, completely getting rid of that job altogether.

After lunch we had the opportunity to be a part of a memorial service for one of their pediatricians. It was definitely an experience being able to see the emotions on all of the faces of those who had known her, coworkers and patients alike.

We then wrapped up the day with a game of kickball, Netsmart vs. KVC kids. We weren’t keeping perfect score, but I’m pretty sure we won at least one game. It was a great end to the day being able to interact with the kids and learn a little bit more about what all they have gone through, and how these changes have affected them personally. Overall, it was great seeing that our solutions truly do impact many lives, and that for these kids Every Day Matters.

Kayla R | Software Engineer FUTURE

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