The life of an Engineering FUTURE at Netsmart!


As a returning FUTURE from last year’s team, I can tell you for sure that it is very different from my previous experience. I am very happy with both experiences. The differences that we get to enjoy this year are enormous. We get to work side by side with the full time associates and work on the actual solutions that Netsmart providers to their clients.

Last year we made a web app that would help the user find behavior health facilities in or around their area, which was a great experience to kind of get into the working world and see some of how a company works. This year however we get an up-close and personal experience of how Netsmart Technologies works. We are getting treated like any regular associate would.

Each of us FUTURES have a mentor that helps us work through certain issues and questions and simple things like that, but especially for us engineers, our mentors give us lots of work. We all have lots of work to do, which is awesome. I never like to the be sitting around twiddling my thumbs waiting for work, so it’s good that Netsmart Technologies treats us like associates. They also understand if things are getting out of control, but they want to give us the best experience they can.

As well as working with associates, the FUTURES got split up in two teams and get to work on (so far) two different projects. So we get experience to also go through the lifecycle of an application from planning the design, to getting the code written, to even seeing the company plug it into their current solutions. That is going to be my favorite part for sure when we get to see that happen. Nothing makes me happier than a product I have helped contribute to working in action.

Macon S. – Software Engineer FUTURE

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