FUTURES Consulting Training


The end of consulting training has come, and all of us consultants could not be more ready to start putting our training to use! For the past four weeks, we have undergone a complete transformation from eager new hires to knowledge-filled associates. The first week included everyone—both TIER and Avatar— learning the basics of a project life cycle. This consisted of understanding the Netsmart methodology all the way to team building exercises via planning for a party. This week really planted the idea that this whole thing is a team effort. Sure, we can all know each system inside and out, but if we don’t work together nothing can be accomplished. The values and goals of Netsmart were communicated to us this week. One thing I really took away from these was to always remember how the finished product will help people. It can be easy to get caught up in day to day duties and forget what we are really working for.

With a solid foundation under our belts, all of us consultants were ready to learn. We were split into two groups, one for the Avatar system and one for the TIER system. Designing forms was the focus of this week. I was assigned to the TIER team, where we did everything from physically building the forms to troubleshooting problems and writing code in SQL. Marissa Gonzalez and Lillian Prodanich led this week and were extremely informative and helpful. We rounded this week out with a final exam, where we were each asked to build a form to certain specifications. The next week was “billing boot camp.” There are not a whole lot of people who are familiar with billing, but I am happy to say I now know Linda Vokoun and her vast knowledge of the billing process. We underwent WFS and Admin training the fourth and final week guided by Kari Alvarez. This concluded everything and brought it together so it flowed nicely.

Now that I am finished with training at Netsmart, I feel like I know enough to succeed here. Yes, it was a ton of information, but that is just a testament to how much hard work goes into a normal day of work here at Netsmart. Looking back I realize how it was all necessary and I am sure I will realize that even more once we start on projects. I believe all of us new hires are prepared, and we are ready to take on whatever is thrown our way!

Blake N – Delivery Analyst FUTURE

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