Lunch-n-Learn – The way to every FUTURE’S heart!

On Thursday the FUTURES got the chance to have a Lunch-n-Learn with Carol Reynolds, Senior Vice President of Client Experience. During our hour together, the FUTURES enjoyed Chipotle while Carol explained the many aspects of the client experience. After listening to Carol, we were able to understand how Client Alignment focuses on providing Netsmart clients with the best experience possible. Carol started off by explaining her background and some history of Netsmart. She then went on to explain the challenges companies can face during implementation and how our job is to make the process go smoothly. Part of this process is ensuring each person at the organization is trained on the solution and understands how it works with them in their daily work-flow. After implementation, the support team takes on the large role of continuing the education with clients and helping them as the need develops. Carol also explained how we partner with our clients. It¹s not a vendor/client relationship. We align ourselves with their goals and share their vision. Throughout the whole presentation, there was one common theme: Netsmart cares about its clients and will do anything to make their experience a positive one.

Heather W. – Delivery Analyst, Avatar FUTURE

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