This is round two for me here at Netsmart as a FUTURE. This summer I came in with two projects that need to be completed. The first project which has now been completed was to help another associate put together a “play book” of sorts that our new 24/7 NOC (Netsmart Operations Center) will use as a sort of how to guide for the Netsmart way. My other project is to help with SSL certificates. Getting to spend a significant portion of my time working with clients and other associates is probably my favorite thing to be able to do. Getting to directly affect our clients and help them be able to use our products to help people is a pretty good feeling!

This year is far different from last year for cloud. Last year we only had a single FUTURE and now we have three! All of us are working on different projects, but having other FUTURES up here with me is pretty awesome! The feeling of comradery is all over here in on the fourth floor of building 5000. I love the feeling we have up here, nice and open with dozens of white boards covered in scribbles of ideas and diagrams. But my favorite part about up here is that no matter what if you have a question about anything technical someone here has the answer to it. In fact more often than not when you have a question whoever it is that knows about it will be more than willing to take a few minutes to teach you about it.

It’s this environment that gets me excited for the remaining weeks of my second internship and even more excited for the FUTURE!

Zach W. | Security Systems Engineering

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