FUTURES Executive Roundtable

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The FUTURES had an opportunity to ask questions, learn from, and interact with the executives today. Tom Herzog, Ian Chuang, Doug Abel, Carol Reynolds, Tony Ritz, Denny Morrison, Jim Gargiulo, Tim Donovan, Mike Valentine, and Paul Anderson gathered in the synergy room and discussed their vision for Netsmart, their views on the changing healthcare ecosystem, and their thoughts on how Netsmart FUTURES fit into the growth of healthcare.

Throughout the panel, the importance of change and innovation was reiterated, particularly in its inherent role in the FUTURES program. With the program, Netsmart exposes a younger generation to healthcare to not only help Netsmart grow, but to allow us to fundamentally transform an ecosystem that needs innovation.

Mike Valentine recognized that there is no certainty in predicting healthcare’s future, yet we continue to push for integration in order to treat the whole—body and mind. Carol Reynolds pointed out that CareManager is a solution that propels Netsmart in this direction and, in so doing, makes Netsmart a leader in behavioral health through care coordination. Because of Netsmart’s size, our strategies make a real impact; our small-sized clients recognize that by joining in they can be active participants in the change. Hayden Minor, a consulting FUTURE, asked how Netsmart is going to bridge the gap between physical and behavioral health. Tom Herzog mentioned that Netsmart must do better than just bridging the gap with allied heath, but instead leap forward for a better solution. Ian Chuang added that we must not only leap, but also pivot to switch from a reactive care system to a preventative system.

Netsmart’s CareFabric provides an infrastructure to achieve person-centered care, care that empowers people to own their records and their healing. Tony Ritz commented that with healthcare being a larger burden on pocketbooks, more consumers are becoming active in their care and asking the necessary questions. Netsmart’s response is myHealthPointe, which directly reaches the consumer and is a tool for the wider population to become more educated, enabling healthcare to move forward.

Throughout this discussion it was clear that Netsmart is working on achieving their goals and intentionally innovate solutions that better help the clients they serve and reach as many people as possible to make the healthcare system better than when they first entered. Tom Herzog emphasized that many dream, few dare and the bold do. The culture and strategy of Netsmart is set up to allow all associates to be bold, making Netsmart a bold innovative company. It was an amazing vision to pass onto the FUTURES of the company.

Gina B, Software Engineer FUTURE & Claudia D, Plexus Delivery Analyst FUTURE


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