Consulting FUTURES Class of 2014 Reflects

Consulting Group pic

As our time this summer came to a close, the Consulting FUTURES class of 2014 sat back to reflect on all we had accomplished. From our day to day responsibilities in the new 5000 building in Overland Park to fun team building activities with each other, our summer was action packed!

The program began with four weeks of training. Each morning we filed in Synergy, set up our laptops, flipped through our binders, and, before the trainer was ready to begin, made a quick detour to the Keurig for coffee and small talk, returning to the room with more energy and an eagerness to learn. We sat side by side with new hires, met associates, and gained the knowledge needed to be productive and curious FUTURES for the entirety of the summer.

In those weeks, we navigated our way through Avatar and marked our progress with Capstones on each topic: RADmodeling, Crystal Reports, Avatar PM—Admission, Discharge, Transfer and the Billing process, as well as Avatar CWS. Our trainers were always ready to answer questions, laugh along with us, and encourage us through the weeks of training. We not only grew to understand the solution, but also steadily became acculturated with Netsmart as we familiarized ourselves with the industry, spent time in a distinctively collaborative environment, and new faces became good acquaintances and then friends.

After our training ended (with delicious cake to celebrate), we joined the other consulting associates in the office. We were assigned to numerous projects that benefited Netsmart internally. Our first big assignment was myStates, which included all Avatar FUTURES working with Aaron Garton and Samara Nash. Our task was to research state reporting requirements for our assigned states. Our findings were added to the data collection workbooks and placed in the internal N drive to be put to use on new projects, enabling Netsmart associates to become better and more knowledgeable experts for incoming clients.

Besides myStates, Claire, Claudia, and Sarah began updating Test Scripts, which are used by clients. In an effort to support the collaborative nature of consulting and strengthen the documented knowledge base, the group added many articles to the Learn-Act-Share and the Content Library wiki pages. Additionally, they worked with Shawn Callahan and the Plexus Advance team to augment and update the documentation for Meaningful Use by contacting clients directly and sifting through existing files to make manuals more user friendly and current.

Jennifer, Heather, and Claire learned about ICD-10 readiness requirements to assist clients in preparing their systems to transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10. While our time here was too short to contact clients about their upgrade planning, it was a good opportunity to learn how Netsmart is preparing our clients for the changing regulations in healthcare. The three also worked on updating project teams in SalesForce. The updated information, which includes current project team members, will be used to determine capacity for hiring as well analyzing how many projects everyone is on and the percent complete based on the successful completion of project events. It will also be used to assist with accurately predicting associate availability.

Heather and Claire worked on a project with Stephanie Sasser that required creating a Client Resource Guide that will help clients navigate all the different resources available to them post go-live. This includes the NetsmartCares Client Portal, the Wiki,, Netsmart Community, MyLearingPointe, and NetsmartLIVE. This presentation is intended to be made available to clients in order to answer some common questions about where to find certain information regarding their CareRecord in order to reduce the number of calls made to project teams and support.

The TIER FUTURES, consisting of Brianna, Blake, Jon, and Hayden, spent the summer entrenched in the TIER solution, starting the summer as first timers and finishing as experienced users of the program. TIER Training, spanning over a time period of three weeks, consisted of three separate topics: Workflow and Admin., Billing, and the technical-heavy Form Design training. Using our collective knowledge and teamwork, we TIER FUTURES emerged from the figurative smoke of training, ready to apply our newfound skills on client simulated project specifications.

Assigned with form design specifications taken from an existing client project, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work on assignments that would be given to a full-time TIER Technical Consultant. Excited and eager to see what we could do on work that was written up for an actual client, we hit it hard, spending many a day assisting and looking over each other’s shoulders until our forms were up to client standards. Relationship tables and form design standards littered our work area, whiteboards were filled with useful SQL code, and forms were being completed with a high quality rate in quicker time; we TIER FUTURES had hit our stride.

When we first started our TIER form design exercises, our approach was cautioned and passive, but as days turned to weeks, our ever-improving understanding of the TIER solution was evident as work was mastered and our forms performed flawlessly. Not yet satisfied, many meetings were scheduled to gather around a single conference table and monitor to discuss and dissect stored procedures and table relationships, looking to understand the inner-workings of TIER. Towards the end of our time at Netsmart, we even spent time final-proofing and QA-ing forms created by full-time Technical Consultants who underwent our same training regimen; getting to proof and test work that was ready to be sent to a client was a great way for us to test and apply all we had learned of our time with TIER.

On top of our work at the office, we FUTURES also had fun activities planned outside of work. In addition to the events with all FUTURES, we were able to participate in exclusive events planned for only the Consulting group. Towards the beginning of the summer, we joined the full time associates at Incredibowl for a night filled with bowling, laser tag, and mini golf. Later in the summer we had the opportunity to enjoy a KC Royals game from the deluxe Pepsi Party Porch.

On our first day this summer here at Netsmart, the Consulting FUTURES filed into the office for our first meet and greet as strangers, we are proud to say that we will be departing as good friends and associates. Through all the team-building experiences, be it working together on myStates, collectively laboring through an SQL command, or spending time together outside of work, our time here at Netsmart this summer has strengthened all of us individually and as a unit. As we say our goodbyes this summer, we are thankful for the tremendous experience given to us as Consulting FUTURES of Netsmart, our expectations have been thoroughly exceeded as we leave with work experience, knowledge, and memories to last us a lifetime!

The FUTURES Consulting Family

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