The Engineering Futures Say Goodbye

The Engineering Futures Say Goodbye

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The software engineering futures accomplished many tasks this summer. Our first tasks were working with full-time engineers on team projects where each Future was a part of a different Netsmart Solution. Although our parts may have seemed small many of the Futures ended up saving a lot of time and money for the company. Then we split into two teams to work on two restful services Fitbit and Twilio.

Dalton, Gina, Javier, and Michael worked on the Fitbit project while Brenna, Ian, Kayla, and Macon worked on the Twilio project. Both teams had its hurdles, but after 6 weeks both teams completed their respective projects. The Fitbit project allows Netsmart to integrate exercise and diet monitoring into their solutions. Since exercise and diet are such an important facet of health, clinicians can better monitor their patients’ activity through Netsmart solutions. The Twilio project creates a way for Netsmart solutions to text reminders to patients or clinicians. The number of uses this project has is limitless. Netsmart’s integration of Twilio can remind patients of appointments, to take their medication, or even remind patients to exercise and eat well!

This summer wouldn’t have been the same if the engineering futures didn’t get to work in their respective solutions. The Futures all took to different teams to learn the development process and contribute. All of us agreed that being part of a Netsmart team was a great learning experience and a great way to experience Netsmart culture first hand and we hope that Netsmart continue to integrate the Futures into teams at Netsmart. The engineering futures would love to thank our mentors and managers for a great summer. Cheers!

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