Our Journey… a new hire perspective – Part 1

Consulting Netsmart Life

Hi, I’m Hannah – pictured closest to the Netsmart sign.  Pictured to the right is Zach and then Amy.  Our Netsmart journey began about 10 weeks ago as we were welcomed into the Consulting Organization. We will each share our story over the next few days starting with mine today.  So check back to hear their stories.

Here’s mine:  I had a technical background which made it a perfect fit for me. We attended four weeks of training; allowing us to have a lot of specialized attention and really focus on the areas we didn’t know or had not had experience with before starting employment.

After we finished training, I had the opportunity to work on updating the Training Manual; this allowed me the chance to review everything from training as well as improve upon the training exercises for future new hires. It was a great experience and I was able to improve on areas that were a weakness for me.

I have also had the chance to do a variety of billable client work already.  I have done some form design, some work on stored procedures, and upgraded a few client databases. It seems crazy that we started two months ago and I have already had the chance to work with five different clients and touch their systems; it has given me a great feel for the variety in clients and their needs.

In addition to enjoying my work, I have also gotten to enjoy some other Netsmart perks my fav – the coffee! I can’t imagine starting my morning without a cup of coffee and the Keurig is saving me a lot of Starbucks money! I attended a Pinstripes event hosted by our team; it was a great way to meet other associates, enjoy some awesome food and have fun. I had fun getting to try playing Bocce ball (even though I’m pretty sure our group never quite got the rules right)!

I have really enjoyed my time at Netsmart so far and look forward to the future – and infamous summer BBQ’s I have heard so much about at the Kansas Office!

~ Hannah K

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