Our journey … a new hire perspective – Part 2

Consulting Netsmart Life

Hi, Zach here, I too began my Netsmart journey on January 5th with the Consulting New Hire class.  I had just graduated from college at Kansas State a few weeks before and Netsmart is my first “Real World” work experience. I was nervous the first day, but that quickly went away by the time the second day. The next five weeks of training flew by faster than left-over Jack Stack BBQ disappears in the Café  at Netsmart – a common occurrence.  

A group of about 10 of us were chosen to work with Netsmart’s Avatar solution. The days went fast but were filled with infinite amounts of information. Our evenings were spent working on our group project which would be presented to the rest of the company – an important first impression.  In 5 weeks, we learned what seemed like everything there is to know about our specific solution. It is now apparent, that we had only touched the surface. Our new hire class  has been out of training for over four weeks now.  With the growth in our Kansas office, most of our team has been relocated for a short time.   It’s nice for us new hires because our proximity to one another and the more seasoned Associates makes it easier to ask questions, which I have a lot of right now!

Work is starting to pick up and I’m looking forward to my first time on a client-site. So far, I’ve enjoyed my role as a Plexus Delivery Analyst. I love the culture, friendliness, and willingness to help from all of my fellow associates here at Netsmart!

~ Zach T.

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