Our Journey … A new hire perspective – Part 3

Consulting Netsmart Life

So my journey with Netsmart began back in October of 2014 on my first day walking into the main Kansas building.  I decided not to be shy, and introduced myself to the five other people that would start with me that day. I think that automatically made me Amy, the chatty one, in the group. We soon learned more about our roles and starting on day two, we dove right in and spent the next few weeks learning. We shadowed other associates and trained one another over what we had learned. We studied the modules, programs, events, and setups while testing each other on a daily basis.

After having spent a lot of time in the Clara Barton (pioneer nurse who founded the American Red Cross) training room,  I was ready to get going.  Of note, all of our conference rooms have @CauseConnected names.

After onboarding ended, my traveling adventures began  and I joined the financial side of Evolv Consulting. I don’t know if it was because I asked so many times to help out with projects and re-iterated that I was happy to travel, or if it was because I talked so much and asked so many questions that they needed a break from me?  Either way, my wish was granted! I was fortunate enough to go on three trips between Thanksgiving and Christmas and it was during that time that things really started “clicking” for me and I experienced a few “light bulb” moments. I was able to be part of a Finance Kickoff during a trip to Arizona and co-led a trip to Michigan. These trips definitely helped me become more comfortable and more confident in what I knew and working directly with clients. I realized just how important building relationships with the clients was and how going the extra distance to help them could mean the world to them.

Now into 2015,  I have been busy traveling all over the country and meeting a great deal of new people. Some trips were with other Netsmart Associates, and others were alone. One thing I learned about traveling alone was to take advantage of being in a unique location. When my work day was over, I tried to experience part of the city.  Whether it was going to King Don’s Saddle Shop or The Mint Bar on Main Street in Sheridan, Wyoming, going to the beach in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, or trying to see the northern lights in Kenai, Alaska, I have tried to be adventurous and see whatever I could throughout the different cities.

On trips with Netsmart Associates, I gotten to know them better and have come to spend more time outside of the office when we are at home in the Kansas Office.   It has been fun planning and going to happy hours at different places around Kansas City. I have become such good friends with members my team and have gotten to know many of the Associates on other teams as well. Netsmart has been such a welcoming and friendly company to work for and I have really enjoyed my time here!

~ Amy B.

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