Accomplishing amazing things!

War Room Photo1

I am a brand new full time employee at Netsmart. Even though I started in January, I had been a future here for the past  two summers. I have had the opportunity to work on OrderConnect during my last summer at Netsmart while completing my computer science degree at Kansas State, but this project changed the environment that I was previously used to.For my first few months on the OrderConnect team we moved into a conference room (aka. War Room) to be more collaborative. OrderConnect is implementing ways that prescribers can electronically prescribe controlled substances. This is no small undertaking. Instead of keeping us all separated, we were moved into a war room in order to work together in a closer environment than ever before. The team felt it would be the best way to describe how OrderConnect functioned throughout the electronic prescribing of controlled substance (EPCS) war room time.

War Room Photo2

While at first there were a few grumbles, throughout the time we realized that it was far easier to communicate with each other since we could just look across the table. No person was above any other in that room since we all sat around the same round table. We were able to discuss issues as soon as they came up and be on the same page about the requirements. We grew to have many inside jokes and enjoy each other’s quirky personalities. We accomplished many things including the certifications we needed. This experience helped show me that when times get hard on OrderConnect, we can bind together to accomplish amazing things.

Gina B, Software Engineer

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