FUTURES Week 2: Settling In and Setting up!


During week 2, the main focus was getting settled into our work flow, our groups and meeting team members. Engineering learned more details about their specific group project that they will complete for the summer and were assigned their roles. Consulting was shown more about the billing and clinical cycles. Then cloud computing worked with a microcomputer called the Raspberry Pi that was set up to work with their network testing. All in all, the three of us from our separate groups learned a lot about our individual teams but we are still working on learning the ropes. But we’ve also discovered our greatest asset, the Keurig machines.


To start out the week in engineering, on Monday and Tuesday the biggest focus was setting up our development environments for our specific teams and getting to know the code. Overall this went smoothly and some members on some teams were even able to close out some Jira tickets! When Wednesday rolled around we had an all-day meeting with all the FUTURE engineers to talk about the team project that we will have to build from scratch and have completed by the end of the summer. It was difficult to co-ordinate at first, but once we got settled in the room we were able to make some progress and laid out the overall plans and divided into sub-groups to better tackle the project. The rest of the week looks like it is going to be filled with lots of hard work to continue getting settled and learning more about all of our teams.

Then at Cloud & Hosting we’ve been working with Raspberry Pi’s! No, not your grandma’s succulent homemade raspberry pie, but a microcomputer that has come to the FUTUREs help.  With the Pi’s, we can explore creative uses for expanding our cloud toolset.  It is also a great learning tool for working with Linux servers and getting to know CLI, or command line interfaces.  Not only can Raspberry Pi’s be used for network analysis, but one of our futures bought his own and uses it just like an apple TV.  There are many things you can do with the little device.  Also this week, FUTURE Robert LaTour and Austin Davis of Cloud had the opportunity to tour Netsmart’s State-Of-Art Datacenter.


For consulting, this week at Netsmart was extremely productive with being able to get our hands a little dirty. The new members of the team were whisked into the Tier system and Sql Databases. We spent much of our time playing around with forms and designs to get a better understanding of our client work flow. You really get a better understanding of how much information is needed in order to service our clients when you go through intake assessment forms. My group of Futures were really impressed with how many forms there are and the time it takes to actually make them. Full times Dane, Jaylen, Joe and Rachael were great and kept things lively by doing group activities that helped us get to know one another better.

Also, Happy birthday to Austin Haverkamp, who had a birthday this week and many FUTURES got together after work to celebrate. He also took our lovely pictures this week and is now planning a career in photography. Week 2 has gone by really fast and that is a great sign going forward, it means we are having fun but also being productive, now it’s on to the FUTURE!

The #ntstFUTURES

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