Reflections on Week #3 of the Netsmart FUTURES program!

Blog Week 3

Netsmart’s Futures program is filled with team building activities, networking events, educational luncheons, along with meaningful work and opportunities to learn about the industry, build our professional skill set, and grow as an individual. Here, we three Futures, Claudia, Brett, and Jake, reflect on our third week of our summer internship.

Blog Week 31

Claudia: Reaching for the Sky

As I write this blog post, I recall last summer as a Future and the hopes of discovery and exploration I blogged about my very first weeks here. I was incredibly inspired and truly committed to “dream, dare, do” (as Tom Herzog advised on our first day), and this year I am determined to see my curiosity and good intentions more fully materialize so that I may “contribute significantly”. As I reflected on the experience throughout an entire school year, I let ideas “for a fulfilling next summer” stir, made many lists, exchanged emails with HR, and spoke with mentors and teachers at my school, Washington University in St. Louis. I now feel much more equipped and bold to do all that I can do so that by the end of the summer I may leave a legacy of my time as a Future.

As a Plexus Delivery Analyst Future, I would have to undergo 5 weeks of training. Though the training would have been a good refresher, I was eager to begin working on the floor, with the system, assisting the consulting organization, providing value. After two weeks of this training, another second year Future and I were allowed to move into a Plexus Advance Future role. These last few days and for the coming weeks, I have and will continue to build on documentation and become more familiar with the various solutions and projects that Plexus Advance touches.

Just like Netsmart recognizes both the opportunities and obligations it has in the industry, with my second round as a Future, I also feel that opportunity and obligation to use my experience from last summer to help support and augment the Futures program in whatever way I can. Currently that is by setting up Hotspots for the Futures to get more exposure to various business areas and functions of the company.

I am so excited to continue learning and growing at Netsmart and look forward to all the challenges, adventures, and lessons in store.

Blog Week 32

Brett: Contemplating Life, the Universe, and Everything.

Stardate 6172.015. Futures log 3-2. The week has been long and arduous. Filled with crashed environments, missing files, and extensive trips to the Keurig Machine. It hasn’t all been bad news this week. I’ve been working with my fellow Futures on our summer long project, which according to some, is flying at warp speed. In all seriousness, it’s been an amazing few weeks at Netsmart. I have, in my opinion, the best team of people in the entire company, the myEvolv team. As soon as I got here and sat down at my desk, I was welcomed into the team like one of their own. We have gone from being the new people, to working on real issues within the myEvolv platform in the span of 3 weeks. This has been an incredibly difficult challenge of learning the environment on the fly, but the team is patient and understanding when we have questions or hit a roadblock at any point. With the third week being as intense as it has been, I can only imagine what’s in store for us in the very near future. Kirk out.

Blog Week 33

Jake: There’s a new Thinking Man in town. Sorry Rodin.

Futures related labor expenses for the resource of Jake Stansbury for the period of 6/14/2015-6/20/2015.

For the majority of the Futures in the summer of 2015 this week is the 3rd week of the program. For me, I’ve just begun my second month of the program. As a Future in the finance department, having these extra two weeks to get transitioned into the working environment here at Netsmart has been incredibly helpful in the progression from finishing out my Sophomore year at Northwest Missouri State University to this new learning experience here at Netsmart. By starting early I’ve had more time to become acclimated with different financial softwares, including Great Plains and Softrax. These two softwares have been my main area of work these past few weeks. Using these softwares I have done projects such as create travel expense invoices, process labor orders and subscription orders, and dig through contract after contract to verify the correct annual price increases have been entered. I have learned so much already and am continuing to learn on a daily basis. Not just about Netsmart, or the world of business or finance, but about myself. Although, there’s a lot of work to be done, Netsmart goes above and beyond the call of duty with their Futures program and creates many opportunities outside of work for the Futures to learn and grow as individuals.

Other than the hard work in our respective departments, this week we have also enjoyed the foosball tournament organized by fellow Future Laura, a Lunch-n-Learn about Engineering presented by Jonny, a scavenger hunt at the Plaza on Friday, and the Kansas City Corporate Challnege gathering. It is clear to see that Netsmart has welcomed us with open arms and made us part of the family in a very short time.

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