Week 4: Every Day Matters Day

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After a recreational trip to the plaza the previous week, we were ready to put our volunteer skills to work for the Every Day Matters campaign. This year the Futures split their day working between KVC’s Prairie Ridge Children’s Psychiatric Hospital and the Indian Woods Middle School. In the morning, our group visited the children’s hospital, where we participated in a tour of the facility and learned how Netsmart’s solutions play a crucial role in day-to-day operations. After the tour, we had the opportunity to channel our inner child, and play a variety of games with some of the children. One of the games we played was a spin-off of rock, paper, scissors that involved giants, elves, and wizards.  Natalie even made a couple of new friends who kept referring to her as “Mini-Me”. The children and staff there were so friendly and everyone had a great time.

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After taking a lunch break at a delicious Italian buffet, we headed to Indian Woods Middle School to volunteer with their summer camp program. The summer camp targeted area kids between the ages of 5-10, and presented a number of different classes for them to participate in throughout the week. Some of these classes included: babysitting, sewing, pottery, cooking, fun with technology, and critter talk. Austin and Elisa both helped out with critter talk, and had the chance to educate the children on rabbits as a live rabbit was passed around the room. Natalie spent the afternoon in the babysitting class where she helped teach the kids about responsibilities as a babysitter. They got to play some unique games and make friendship bracelets.


Overall, the day was great because we got see the impacts of Netsmart in action and how Netsmart truly changes lives.

Natalie Fox, Support FUTURE & Austin Haverkamp, Engineering FUTURE

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