Week 5: Hosting Events as a Future – Jacob Kipp


Throughout our time as a Future here at Netsmart Technologies we have been to events that are very fun and enjoyable; where we perform activities and volunteer our time to come have fun together.

Even though we have a lot of events, it is nice to host/plan some events ourselves as Futures. Being one of the MCs of the group coming up with ideas has been very fun and entertaining. Some ideas as a group we have come up with were having a dinner night together, hosting a volleyball tournament on the weekend, or a weekly game of ultimate Frisbee near a park. Being in different departments can sometimes cause a divide between us Futures; but we feel like the events that we host outside of work really bring us together a group and allow us to get to know each other. It has been such a nice time working with everyone and it is hard to believe that we are already five weeks into our Future program. We can’t wait to see what other events we can participate in this summer.

– Jacob Kipp – TIER consulting Future



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