Week 5: Hosting Events as a Future – Jack Moore

Back to the FUTURES

There is nothing Futures love to do more than learning! This summer we’ve had plenty of opportunities to learn more about Netsmart and what other teams here do. In the past few weeks, we have attended three Lunch n Learns, and every team’s Futures have hosted a Hot Spot.

Lunch n Learns are a special occasion in which a senior associate will give a presentation on matters that are important to Netsmart.  Our first presentation was by Johnny Larson on the topic of engineering. Over the next two weeks we had two more by Martin Teat and Carol Reynolds on Protected Health Information and client interactions respectively. Everyone enjoyed the sessions, and not just because of the free lunch!

Hotspots are a new idea that was developed by fellow Future, Claudia Diaz. Over the past two weeks, every Future has had the opportunity to host a 15 minute session with their team describing the work they do to all other Futures who attend. Some teams went the extra mile and had snacks and demonstrations of their products. After having Hot Spots for the first time, we hope that they remain a tradition at Netsmart for all Futures after us.

  • Jack Moore – Engineering Services Future

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