Week 5: Hosting Events as a Future – Megan Douglah


As the halfway point nears in our summers, I think we’re all starting to realize that the classic “9-5” work schedule sometimes means “8:30-5:30,” and when you get home from work, you are tired, and you don’t even want to make yourself dinner (If my parents somehow stumble upon this blog, THANK YOU for your countless 9-5 days and dinner). But without a doubt, it has been a blast getting to work in such a great environment with the most welcoming people. Aside from that, all I can say is TGFF (Thank Goodness For Futures).

Coming to Overland Park, I didn’t really know anyone, but the other Futures have made these past 5 weeks an awesome experience. I write this blog post from my living room floor because I honestly cannot make it up the stairs after an intense game of ultimate frisbee earlier this evening. It’s one thing to see your fellow interns around the office, but it’s another thing entirely to compete with them as we all sprint around the battleground that is the ultimate field. Last night, some of us had an interesting experience, to say the least, at a local Indian restaurant. The night before that? A double-elimination sand volleyball tournament, complete with some music and a post-game water balloon fight.

So if that’s just the last 3 days, who knows what the next 5 weeks hold.

– Megan Douglah – myAvatar Consulting Future

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